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Tbe rart Jewel o/ChrifoianConcentmem. ____ 1> yet he bath by favonr 'g-ranted to him his fu~per provided ?Ver nioht, and yc-u cannoc fay though the Maleta6tor hlth fmfeaed all his right to all things, to every bit of bread, yet if he {hall have a fupper granted to htm, he doth not Heal it, though all his right is forfeitec) by his fault; after he is once condem~ ned h~ bath no right to any thing. So it is with the wicked, they have forfeited all th e: ir rigbt to all comforts in thi~ world, they are condemned·by God as Malefa6'brs & are going to executi - on. but if God v~ill in hjs bounty give them fomethiog eo prefer ye them here in che world,tl1ey cannot be faid to be tbeeve~ or robbers : Now a man bath granted to' him a fupper ovet night before his Execution, but i~ that like the fupper that he was wont to have in his own houfe,when he ear h1s own bread, and had his wife and chilcl~en about him? Oh ! a di(h of green Herbs at home l.'lfould be a great deal better than any dainties in fuch a Supper as that is .i. but no\V a Child of God bath not a right meerly by Donation, but what lie hath it is his O\Vn through the purchafe of CI:Jri~ ; every bit of bread that thou earefi, if thou beell a Godly man or woman, Jerus Chrifl: hat~ bought it for thee, thou goefl to market and buyeA: , thy meat and drinkvvith thy Money, e~t know that before th0U haft bought it, or p~id Money, Chrill bath bought it at th~ hand of God the Farller with his blood; thou ha~ it at the hands of men for Money, but Chrill bath bought- it at the hand of hi~ father by blood:and certainly it i$ agreat deal.b~tter ~nd fw~eter now, though it be ~ut alittle. · · · Fifthly, There's another thing that thews the fweetnefs that there is in that little that the faints have,by which they come to have contentment,wherea! others cannot: that is,Every little thAt they have ,it is b~t As an ·earn~ft penny of 11/! the glory that it rtferved far tb~r;.;,it : is g.iven the>p by ~od,but as the fore-r~pn~r · of thli{e eternal merciu tb.rt the Lqrd _tntends far: them; ~owjflt Iq}n bath but twelve pence given to him as ar1 ea.rneA: peny fo~ fOme great poffeffion that be mufl have; is not that bttter than._it" he bad forty poll!.:~ds given unto him 6ther'IVife ! So ever1 comfort that the ~a'ints h1ve in this world, it is ap earodt peny tQ. them of thofe et er ·1 al mercies thlt th~ L~rd' 'Hat!i' provii:fed for them;as every affi i6tion that the wicked h~ve· here if is bUt tb"d. H z · beginning, · '