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The rare Jewd fJ[ cbrif.fiaJ'J Conrenrmenr. 4 s apiercing eye to pierce into the co~nfels of God,tnofe Eternal Counfels of God for good unto him, even· in his affiiC:tions to fee the love of God in every afihchon,as well as in profpenty•. No1v this is a myCtery to carnal! hearts, they can fee no facb thing perhaps; they rhjnk ·Gcd loves them when be profpers them,and makes them rich; but they think God loves them not when he doth affiiet them,that's a myflery ; but grace inttru6l:s men in that myflery, grace enables men to fee love in the very frowns ofGods face,and fo comes to receive Contentment. In the tenth place, Agodly man bath Contentment in the way of a Myflery,Bec~tu[e M he fees all bis ajfiiEiion come from thejllme love that Jefus Chrift did : fo he fees thnn f~naijied in_'fefm Chrif/,(anmfted as a M ediator, he fees (I fay) all the fling and venom, and poyfon of them all to be taken out by the ·vertu.eof J efus Chri(l ,the Mediator between God and Man: As now for Inflance, Thus aChriGian when he would have Contentment falls a ~vorking, .What is my affii&ion? Is it poverty, that God flri'kes me withal? Jefus Chrtfl -had not a houfe to hide his head in, the Fowl of the aire had nefis, and the Foxes had holes,bttt the Son ofMan hac:N1ot a hole to hide his head in: · now my poverty is fanctified by Chrifis poverty, l can fee by faith the curfe and fling and venom of my poverty, taken out by the poverty ofJefus Chrill, Chr,ill Jefus he ~vas poor in this world to deliver me from the curfe of my poverty,that it 1hould not be cur fed unto me, then my poverty is not affii&ive, if I can be contented i11 fuch a condition, That is the way, not to fiand and repine, becaufe I have not what others have, no, but I am poor, and Chrifl was therefore poor that he might blefs my poverty to me_, · And fo again, Am I difcouraged, dithonored; is my goo<!l name taken avvay? why ' Jefas Chrifi he had difugnor put upon him, he w,as called- Bnl::..ebub, and a Samaritan, and they faid he had a Devil in him, all the foul afpeftons that could be,were cafl upon Jefus Chrill, ~wd this was for me, that I might have the difgrace that is cafi upon me to be fanttified un· to me, wher<Cas.another man ' his heart is overwhelmed with diilionor and difgrace, and he goes this way to \Vork to get Contentment; perha-ps if you be fpoken iil of, 'you have no oth~r -·