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46 Tbe rare Jewel of ChriJ1ian Conrentmenr. other way to e1fe. and right your fel~e~, but if they,do rail upon you, you w 11! raile upon them again ; and thus you think to eafe your fehes,Old but a Chrifiian bath ar.other manner of .way to eafe himfelf; Ocbers rail and fpeak ill ofme, but did , they· not rail upon jefus Chrifl: 1 and fpeak evil of nim ; And what am I in comparifon of . Chrifi ? And the fubjechon of Chrifi to fLJch an evil, it wa~ for me, that thongh fuch a thing thou Id come upon me, I m1ght know that the curfe of it is ra - keQ from me through Chri(ts fubjeClion to that evil: thus a Chrifiian can be contemed when any body fpeak; ill of him : No~v this is a M yfl:ery to you, to get Contentment after fuch a manner as this is. So, if men jeer and f~off at you, Did they not do fo to Jefus ChriG? they jeered and fcoffed at him, and lhat when he was in his greatefi extremity u'pon the Crofs, fay they,Here's the K,ing of the 'Jnu,and they bowed the knee,and fa id, Hail King of the Jews, and put a reed into his hand and mocked him, Now I get Contentmelll in the midll: of fcorns and jeers, by conlidering that Chrift tVa~ fcorn'd ~nd by a&- ine Faith upon that which Cbrift did fuffer for me, So, am I .in great pain of'rny body? Jefus CbriH had as great pain u.pon his body as I have;,thollgh its true, he had not fuch kind of ficknefs as we have, but yet he had as great pain and tortures ' in his body ,and that that ~vas deadly eo him, as well as the licknefs is to us: The exerciling of Faith upon what Cilrill did en:. dure, that's the way to . get Contentment in the midel of our pains-; one lies vexing and fretting and .cannot bear his pain;art thou a Chrifl:ian? haft thou ever tryed this ~vay of getting contentment, ro ath h y faith upon ~11 rhe pains amHufferings that Jefus Chrifi did fuffer? this IVO'uld be the way ofContentment . and a Cbriflian gets contentment under pains afrer this manner fornet imes one that is very god! y and gracious, you · lhaiJ- have -him lie under grievous pains and extremities very chearfully, and yon wonder a£ it; this is the way that he get~ it, he gets it' by acting his faith upon what pains Jefus Chrifi did fuffer.Thou art afr aid 0f death ; the way tl) get contentment, it is, by. ex er - cilit;g thy faith upon the death of J efus Chrift; ·yea, it may be thou. hat1 invy.1rd troubles in thy Joul , and· God withdraws himfelf from thee, bnt lhll thy faitb is to be exer,ifed upon the fuf.