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The r~~ Jewel of ChrifJi,m Contentment. 1-9 vants to al', long-[uffering; ard chat with joyfulnef~. Alas ic may be,you do oot exerc.Jfe io muc.b patience, as awife man or a I)) tfe woman that bath but namr~l reafon. But where is the "power of G.:>d,theglorious power of God? where is the llreng"' tbening with all might> unto all long-fuffering and patience» and that with joyf1;1lne[s ·? Its true, the fpirit of aman may be able to fufiain his infirmitjes,may be able to fu{lain and keep up his fpirits, the natural fpirit of a man;but much mor·e then ~vhe<l this fpirit is a&ed vvith:grace and holinefs, and vvben it is filled - vvitb the flrength of Jefus Chrill, that's the way .of a godty mans getting contentmenr,th~ Myllery of it, its by fetching iu . l1 rength from J efus Chr ift• Twelftbly, Anoher Myllery that there is in ir, it is, That A Godly heart enjoys mH&b &[God il'J every thing tbat it hath, and d~th ~nowhow to ma~e up All r¥anrs in God himfe!f: that is arother Myllery, be batn God in what be bath; that Ifpoke to fome\vhat efore,ifl-lheiTing the dew ofgods bleffing inwhat he bath, for God ii able to let out a great deal of hiJ potJYer in little things, and therefore the miracles that God bath wrought, have been as much in little things as in great; now as God lets . out a great deal of his power in working miracles in fmaller thing~, fo he lets out a great deal of. gocdnefs in mercy, in comforting and rejoycing the heart of his people in litlie things as well as in great; there may be as much riches in ' a pearl as in a great deal of lumber. ~ but now this is a difhncl; thing ·Fotther,A gracious heart as he lives upon Gods dew in alittle that he bath, fo when that little that he hath !hall be taken from him, what !hall he do then? Then you will fay, if a man have notrirg, there can be nothing fetcbt out of n9thmg: But if the fchildren of Goj have their little taken from them, they ·can make up all their wants in God himfelf: Such ·a man is a poor man, the plunderers came and took away all chat he had, ~vhat !hall he do then when all is gone? But when all is gone, there is an art and skil that god!inefs teaches to make up all thofe l< {f.s in God. Many men that have their houfes burnt, go about gathering,and fo get up by many hands a· little ; but a .Godly-man knO\VS vvbither to 120 to get up all, even in God '! bimfel(