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) o The rare Jtwal of Cliri;1ian Comemmem. h~m relf,J fo as he fhall enjoy the quimdfence ot the fom.e good and comfort as he had bef~re, for a Godly man doth not Jive fo mJch in himfell as he lives .in God, This is novv a myltery eo a carrul hem; I fay, a grac1ous m1n doth not live fo much in himfel', he d1th in God,.ne lives in God continually .. if there be any t~ing cut offtwm the Hr ea m, be kriows bow t~ go to·the Fountain and makes up all there;. God is All in All while he lives; I fay, it is God that is All in AII, Am n&t 1 tiJ tba(faitb Ellzanah to Hannah) ir.~/urd 6f ten children?· So faith God to a gracious heut, Thou vva.nre(l this, thy Ellateis plundered: Why,Am n?t I to thee inlt.ead of ten Houfes,and ten Shcps ?-I am to thee mfiead of A I/ ; yet not on I y inP'eild ~r All, b:.1t come to me and tholl iliaic have A / 11gain in me. Tb1s indeed is an excellent Art,to he able to draw frotri God wbat it l1ad before in the creature: Chriftian, How.did(t thou enjoy comfort lieft>re? Was the creature any other to thee but -a conduit,or Pipe that did convey Gods geodnefs to thee? The Pipe is cut off faith God, Come me to tbe Fountain,and drink immediately,though the beams be taken away,ye t theSun remains the f<'me in the Firmament as ever it was : What is that thH fatisfies God himfelf, but becaufe he doth enjoy all FulneJs in himfelf ?- fo he comes to have fatisfacbon in himfe!f: Now if thou enj0yefl Gcd to be thy portion, if thy foul can fay with the Church, in Lament. 3· 24, Th~ Lord iJ my portion ,[aitb my foul. Why !houldefl thou noLbe fatisfied and conreAted as God ? God is contented, be is in eternall Conteil tment in himfelf.novv if thou badft thatGod to belhy-portion,w-hy fhouideH ndt thou be · contented with himfelf alone, God is contented with him alone; if thou ba·fi him taou may eft. be concenented with. him alone, and it may be, that is the reafon that thy outward comforts are taken from t~ee, that Go~ may -be all in all in thee: It may be whtlfi thonhadtl thefetbmgs here, they did thare with God in thy affeCtions, agreat p,ut of the fheam of thy affe6tion ran that way ; now god vvo:J!d-h.we the full !lteam run to bim : As you know it is with aman that bath water comes to his houfe, and if there be feverat , Pipes , upon which he finds the water come~ but fcantly into hisWalhhou(e, He w1l tather flop the ~!het. P1pes; that he· may bav~·haU , . t e: