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7 he rave Jrwel of Cbrijtian Contentment 5 i all things in himfelf, aud tl~ ou hait God. t~ be thine for 1hy portion. and in th1t thou halt all, and dns 1s the myf1erie of Contentment. It makes up all wa nts in God; that is thlt cha c the m!n of the 9\/Qrl j have little skill in' Now I bavediYers other things yet to cpen in the Myflerie of Contentment. I lhould lhew likewife that a godly man ftJt only makes up all in God)but fi_1ds enough i11.him~elt~ eo m1k~ up all in him\elf, not from h1m[elf, but m hi:nfelf, auo that may (<:!em to be f.tranger than the other : to make up all in God is fomewhat, nay to make up all in himfelf, not from himfelf. but in himfelf, that is, a gracious heart hHh fo much of God within himfelf, that he hach enough there to ' make up all his wants that are witho~t In Prov,14.14.A good m"'n fl~/1 be fati;fied from him/elf from that rh at is withm him fe!f, that is the meaning, a gracious man he hath a bird within his own bofome chat makes him melody encugh,thm1gh he _. wants mufick, The Kil'lgdom of heaven is within you: In Lu~e, 17, ~ 1. He hatE a Ki,gdom 1l'ithin him, 11nd a Kingdom of God : you fee him fpoken ill of abroad, he bitb a confcience within him that makes up tbe want of a name and credit,that is inf\ead of a thoufand vvitoetfes. ' Thir~·eenth, A grAcious heart fetches Contentment from tht Covmint that God bath made ~ith him. Now, this is a way ef fl!tchtng Contentment that the men of the world knoiV not of: ,: they can fetdl Contenrment,if they have the creature to fatisfie them: but to fetch Contentment from the caveoant ofgrace ·tbar-tbey have litt1e sktll in. I fhould here have opened two ·things; Firf\, how to fetch ConteFJtment from the covenant of grace in generaii, (But I lhall fpealc-to that in rhe next SerID6n and now only a word to the fecond :)Secondiy,ho~ he fetches Contentment from the parficwlar brancbes of the covenant, that is;from the patticular promifes that he barb ·for the fup\)lying of every particular want: there is no condition that agodly man or-woman can be in, but there is fome promire or other in the S.;ripture to help him in that co9dition. And that is the way of h1s Contentmenr, to go out to the promires an~ fetch from the promife, that which may-fupplye• .Bunha.t 1s but a dry bufinefs to· a carnal heart ; but it is the moll .•