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The rare ]t'wel of Cbri;1ian Contentmenr. Anj ~. Th~-u ha(} this comFort,that th~ e~il of it !hall betaken fwm chee, that is God 1viU make ufc of thi~ affiitl:ion for otber ends, yl!t he 1vill do it fo as he will make it up to thee fome other way. Perhaps you have given your children fuch .a thing, but yet afterwards if you hav;: ufe· of tbat tbino you vvill come and [ay, I mull ha.ve ir, Why father may tb~' c.bild fay, you gave 1t me-? Bltt faith the father I mull have it, and -I will n:ake it up to you feme otbe.f way : N_o'" the child doth not tbtnk that the fathers lcve ~S ever a WltD the Jefs [0 aim. So 1Vben there is any fuch promife as this is, thH·-God by his promife gives thee his pwtetl:ion, and yet for. all that fuch a thing befals thee, it is but as if the father ibould fay ,I gtve you that indeed, buc let me have it and I gyill make ~t up to yo:t ··: •· fome other way as 0Hll be as good ; faith God, Jet me have your he-alth and .liberty, and life, and it lhaU be made up ~o you fome other way. , Second I y, When ever the pJagr.1e or pefiilence -comes to thofe that are under fucb a p·:omife, it is for fome fpecial and notable Nork, and God requires of them eo fearch and exa~ine in a frecial manner to find out his meaning; there is fo much to be learned in the promife that God bath made concernir.g this particular evil, that the people of God they may come to quiet and content their hearts in this affiitl:ion, I read in thi! P{Alm that God bath made a promife ~o his people, to deliver them from the plague and pellilence, and yet I do find it to come ; It may be I have not made ufe of my faith in this promire heretofore; and if God_do br}.ng affii6bons upon me, yet God will make icupfomeother way,God made a prom·re to deliver me, or ar 1-.:afi to deliver me from all the ev1I ofit,novv if this thing doth befall me and yet I have a promife of God certain! y the evil of it is uken a 'Nay, this promife tells me that if it cloth befall me, yet it is for fome notable end, and becaufe God bath ufe of my life, anri intef!ds to fetch~ about his glory !ome way that I ko01v not of: And if he will come in a fatherly way of Chafl:ifemenr, yet I will be' fatisfied in the rh:ng~so a Chriflianheart by-reafoning out of ihe Word, comes to faris6e his foul in.tbe middiell offuch aheavie hand of God and in ft:ch.·adifl:re!fed . condition as that is• Now carl'lal hea.ns they find