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,The rare Jewel !l cbriJfian Conren~met)r:.: · 1 57: find not power in the Word,that healing vertue that th'cre is il1 the Word, to heal their difhatted careS', and tb e troubles of tbeir fpirit!: but no'<V ,tho[e thH are godly when they come to hear tbe word, they find out, that in the word there is a plail.ler to all their wounds,a:nd fo they come to have eafe and contentment,in fuch conditions a! are very gnevous avd miferable unto otheu. But now, for other particular promifes >and more generally for the Covenant of Grace, ho1Y ,and in ~vhat my fie:-: rious ~ay the Saints do work to fetch Contentment and fatisfatl:ion to their f9uls, 1ve ihall refer to the next time• ... 1 • ' S R R M 0 N IV.at Stepney.Aug.17. I64)• pH I L' 4• I I. Pori h11ve learmd in wh11t[oever· fl~tt I ,.., tbtrewtll t" b' CMtmt I N the Iaa exercife V'fe fpoie of diver~ thing! in the myltery of C.ontentment, and in the clofe we fpoke of two more, but we cou!d opt have time to open either of the:n,I ihall open them a httlo more largely, aad then proceed to fome feN more, and fo to other things in the point. That is the next thing,A Chrifiian heart bath not only contentment in God,( and certainly,be that hath God,muA: haYe al., he that bath him that hath all ,he h~th ali)B~t b~ is a bit to ma~e ~tp 4/l hi; . 9UtPP:~rd wants •f Creat11re-comforts fr-om ~bat ht finds in him[elf: That may reem t0 be more Llrange;It is trtte, perhaps we may convince me·ri though the)" do not feel by experience YV_hat it i~ to m~ke up all in God ,yet-we may convince t~em that 1f tl:J~y have h1m that bath all thing$, theu they have all ; for there 1s fuch a futnefs in God, he being the infinite firfi Being of all things thu r:nay make up all theit wtnu. . K Bwt ·