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70 'lhe rA;e Jewd of ChriftiarJ Contentment. lf-we had deferved any thing, we ·might have fome trouble of rfpirit, as a mm that hath deferved I'VeU of the State1 or of his fnends, aPd he finds not anfweuble encouragement it troub1es ·him mightily, hut ifhe be confcious to him felt that 'be bath fk. Jerved nothin~, he is content I'Vith a repulfe. · . Thirdly,! can do nothing. WithoHt me yoN can do nothing. fauh Chnft Job. I 5.. 5. Why lh?~ld I lland much upon it co be' tw:.Jbled and be dtfcontenced ttThave not this or that., I'Vheu the truth is; I can do nothing? if you lhollld come to one that is angry becaufe he hath not fucb diet as be defir.e~, and is dif. cornenced with it, you will anfwer him, /mar.vel what you do w ha:t ufe you ate of? Shall one that will fit flill am} be of 0~ ufe? yet for all that he muH have all his fupply that poffible l:te can def1re? D.::> but confider of I'll: hac ufe you are iA the world. if you coBf1der vvharlitde need God bath of you,and ofwhat little ufe you are df, you will riot be much difcontented : if you have learned this Leffon offelf-denyal, though God doth cut me thort of fuch and fuch comfom, yet fince that I do but little, why 1hould J h&ve much , This very thought I'Vjfl bring down a mans fpirit as much as any thing. . Fowrthly, SHJile l11m, thAt I can receive no g•od n~it er of_ fiiJ felf;I ilm not only an ~mpty veffel,bLtta conupt and clean . ve!fel ' that vvould fpoil any thing that comes into it; - o are al our hearts, every one of our hearts is not only empty ofgeod, but are like ; muf1y veffcl, that 1f aoy good liquor be poured in.. to it, itrpoits it. - , Fiftl?Iy, if God cloth deanfe us iri fom,e meafure, and dotl• put into us fome ~oed Liq:tor, fome Grace of his.Spirit, yet,,w1 ta~J ma~e ufe of mtbing, mith~r can IU hAve it,if God Mth br~t )Jithtiraw bimfclf: If God doth but leave us one moment, after he bath beflovved upon us the grearefi giftsJand tvbatfoever abi· Jities we can-defire,If God lhould fay,! will give you thern,now g~and ·trade,. no~ I have give~ you. tb.,efe & there abilities,we cannot fiir one fQot furrher neither tf God doth but leave us-. Doth God ;ive us giftll and parts ! Then let us fear and tremble IeftGod thould leave us to our felves, for then hmv foullY. ~ould we abnfe thofe gifts and parrs ? You think other men afld women have memory) and gifts, and pam, and you rtould fai~ have