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7 ht rare Jrwel ofcbrijtian Conrcnrmenr have th em. Bu t fuppofe God !hould gi ve yon rhefe, and thee leave you, you wol!!d utterly fpoil r h\~m . Sixthly, We are worfe then netbing . For b.y G 1 we co.me to be a grl!at deal worfe tfrao no:hwg; 1"10 m,1kes·us m or~ vlle than nothmg,fm m.1 kes us contrary to all good: ;101V ir is a great deal worfe to have a contrari ety to al l thlt is good, than rneerely to bave an emptine{fe of all tpat is gcod;we are not empty pitchers· in refpect of good, but we are like pitchers filled with poyfon, · and it is much for fuch as we are eo b.: cut ihorc of outward comfor ts ? In the feventh pface, if wt ptrijh , ther( JJi/1 be na lo(s of HJ .If, tJ/ God !houkl annihiia te me, what lofs \VouJd there be ofme·God~ can raife upanother in my place, ro do himother manner ~f fervice then I have done. No1V pu t but the re feven th ings tvgether . and then bath Chri!l taught you fclf-d enyall : r may. call th:! fe the feverall words in om Leffon of felf- deniaii ; Chrifi teaches the foul·this, fo that as in the pr efe ~1 c e of God upon a real (1ght of it fe!f it can fay, Lord I am nothmg, Lord I deferve noth ing, Lord I can do nothi ng, I can rece ive · nothing, I can make JJ[e of nothing, 1 am IVOrfe then nothing, and if 1 come to nothin~ and perilh, there will be no lofs at all of me, and therefore what ~reat matter is it for me to be cut l11ort here; A man thAt is lit-- tle in his own eyes, fuch a man or woman ¥V ill account every. affi itlion to he little and every mercy to be great : · S4ttl, There wa~ a time (the ScriPture [a irh ) thathe was little in his own eys, and then his a1fliet~m were but little to him, .when Come. : would not have had him to be King but fpake contemptuoully. of him, be held his p_ea~e, but when Sllul began to~ big.in ni9. oiVn eys, then the affi tcbon began to be great upon h~m. 7 h1rt · 1111s never .tny (uch contentul Vllln or 1f1 0 m~tn 111 this {elf-dellyin:, t1Jan ·or wom~n: There was never any denyed himfelf fo much , as J e(us Chrifl did,he gave his cheeks to rhe fmiters, be opened nqt h1s moath,he was as~ a Iamb when he wasJed ro the t1auohter,be made no noife in the fheet;Oh he denyed himfelf abgve al,& vvas fVilling to empty himfelf; & fo he was the mofi contented that ever any was in the world, and the neerer we come to learn to deny our felves as Chri(l did, the more contented !hall. we be, and by. knoiVing mud1 o~- our own vilenefs, I'Ve ,ome t0 I tart'