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7 4 The rare Jn~el of chripian Contentment. your fiomachs with that that is not bread, you fblla~ the wind, you wil never have Contemment:all the creatures in the world fay, Contentment is not in us; ric.hes faith Contenttpent is not i:1 me; pleafure faith Contentment is not in me; if you look for Contentment in the creature you will fail; No, Contentment is higher .: when thou cornett into the School of Chri(t, ~hriH teaci,s thee that there is a vanity in all things in the \Vorld, and the foul that by coming into the School ot Chn~, and by nnderfianding the glorious myHeries of tbe Gofpel comes to fee the Yanity of all things in the world,tbat is the foul that comes to true Comencment. I could tel you of abundance of ientences from Heathens that lbews the vanity 9f all things in tb<; ~orld,and yet they did not learn the vanity of tbe creatu1e in tberighc School. But now when a foul comes imo the School of Jerus Chritt, and there comes to fee a vanity in all things in the vvorld, than fuc!:J a foul comes to have Contentment. It you f eek contentment el_fewhere, you do like the unclean fpirit, feek for refi but fin~ none. A Tkird Lelfon that Chrifl teaches aChriflian when he comes into his School; is this: ·n~ learns him to Nnderf/and ~Phat I th.tt One thing is that is necf/fary, T~hich h~ r~ev~r came tu underft~n:l before: y..mr1cnovv what he faith to M4rtha, 0 Martha, thou e.umbrefl thy {elf ~bMt ,any thin:gs but thert is ene:hing ntcejJAry The foul before fought after this and the other thmg, but now faith the foul, I feere:~llythatitisnotneceffary that I lhould be rich, but it is necdfary that I lbould make up my peace with God :it is not necet1'ary that I 01ould live apleafurab!e hfe in this world, but it is abfolutely neceffary that I lhould have pardon of my [1n ; it is riot neceffary that I lbonld -h~ve hcmor & preferment,,. but it is oeceifary that I lbould have Gcd to be my portion and have my part in jefus Chr:i(t ; it is necllffary that my foullhould be faved in the day of Jefus Cbrifl:the other tAings a~-e pr_ety fioe thirgs indeed, and I fhould be glad if God would give them tt)e, a fine babitati:m, and comir.gs in, and doaths, ~nd promotion for my wife and children, there are comfortable things buttbefe are not theneceffary thi f1 g,' I may h-ave there ~nd yet perilb for ever, bat the other is abfolutely neceffary; no matter though I be p'oor ~fo be it I may _have that that is abfolutely