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The rare Jerr.d of chriJiian Contemmenr. 6 5 l::Jrely nece{fary ; thus Chrifi inflrucb t~e f9ul •. ~b~re is many of you have had fome thoughts about tb1s that H 1s mdeed nece{fary for you to provide for ypur foul , but vvhe? you _come into ChriHs School , there Chrtfi caufe; the fear ot etermty ~o fall upon you , and there he caufes fuch a real fig be of ~he great things of eternity and ~he abfolute Ae~effity of thofe thm~s, that pofldfes your hearts with fear , and that takes you off tram al other thinos in the world. No~v I thou-Id have thewn you how that will bring Contentment to tbe f~ml when it comes to be in- {hatted ir; the tbi~g that ·is abfolutely neceifary, but thus much for this time. S R RM 0 N V. at Scepney.Aug.24. I 6.45 . pH I L' 4· I I . F9r ~, have learmd in wbatfoever {111;e 1 am, thtrewith to be content .!Mentioned three Le£fons the tall ti!J;le, tbat Chrifi .teaches thofe Scholars that come into his School whereby they might corn~ to get Centencment, \ . Firll, rhe Le{fon of felf-denyaJ. Secondly, The Leffons of the vanity of the creature. Thirdly, the rig~t undedlanding of that one thing that is Ne- ~{fary.A little to enlarge this pne, and fo to proceed . ro others.' It is faid ·Of Pompt-y, that \Vhen he was eo carry ·~orn to l o,e . in time of dearth, he was in a great deal of danfer ey.. fiorms ·at Sea, but faith frc We mufl go on, it is neceffary tha't Rome lhould be releived, b11t ir~s not neceffary that we lhould live• •So it ~ould be cercainly when the foul is once taken up with tbe thmgs thatateof~bfolute neceJftty, it will not be much M ,. troubled, •'