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1 he rare Jewel otchriJUan Conte.ntment 77 ------------~----~~-------- diligen-t as hi-s ovvn fervants were,and his diet is not as at home, and his bed not as at home, yet this very thought may moderate a mans fpirits,r am a.Traveller,.a'nd I muft not be finding fault, I am bat in another mans houre, and it were not rmnnc:rs f( r· -one totindfaultwhen .heis abroad in , apoth·er bodies family; though things be not fo as in my owne family; If a man meets with ill vveather he mu{l be content ; -it ~ is Travellers fare (we ufe te fay) both fair weather and foul weather~ this is the common Travellers fare, and we mufl be conten·t with it ; b:..t if aman \Vere at home and it !hould drop'down in his houfe, he would account it an ill thing, an affiittion tq him, and he cannot bear it : bat when he is travellin3 abroad though he meet wich rain and florms he is not fo much noubled: When you -ate abroad at Sea, though you have not thofe many things ~ba: t _ye u , have at home, you are not troubled ar ir, y-ell are contented ; Why?. you -are abroad at Sea, y0n are , not troubled at flormsthat do arife, ·and though you have: many thing~ otha.rwi!"e thanyotl would have -them at home, but . Hill you are quieted with tkat, you are at Sea. Marriners when the_y are at Sea they care not _wh-afCIOa-t:h_s they.have then,. thouih- they. be pirched andt~r'dand butaclout about theit: red,~, an~. a_r1x .mean doatlls, but theythink,. when they conre ~ hem~, then theyOuH have their fine filk floc kings-, ··and bra·ve fu·ites, and laced band~ and [ucfi things, and lhall be very fine; and fo they arecor:Jtented abroad upon that thought, that it !hall be othetwife wRh them when they come home; and though they . haY~ nothin a but fait mear,..a'nd a little-· hard fare; vet wben· they. come (~ their houfes;then they lhall have any thing : Thus it lhould he with us in this world : the truth is, ~ve are aU in th-is world but as Sea-'faring men, tofl: up and dovvne on the wave& of the Sea · ·or this \'Yorld,and our haven is Heaven, and ~v-e are here tr_avel-- ling, but our home jt is another world·, :that long nome. Indeed'fo'me men have better accommodations th~n others l)ave--jn '-- ~tavelli'ng :it is true, it i_s a great me~cy of Gcd to us in England m that we .can travel w.tth -fucb ·dehgbt al1d~ accommodations more then they can in other Ccuntries.; and thr.ough Gods mercy w:e have as great accommodation ~ in .out trav-elling to Hcaveq 1[\.F.-.,ula .~."" ..l as anv ohce tmder Heaven hath, bur yec thou gO.