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7S _The rar~Jew~lofCbriftiafJ Conremmenr. though w~ do meet with ttavell~rs fare fometimes, yet it lho~ld not be gnevous to us :- The S;:npcur.e t~lls us plaint y that we . ,mafl behave our felv~s here but as p!lgnms and £hangers. In J. Peter, 2. I I. Dedr/y bdoved, I befeecb Jf)U as fi r•mgers 111 nd ·pilgrims abj}uin from flefh!y !ujls, which 'war Jtgllii'Jft the fo r~ l: cor.­ fi.der ~hat your _condJCion is, you are pilgrims and firangers, do not tbmk to fatls·fie your'felves bere.Aman when be comes into · an Inri,If there be a fair capbord ofplate he is not troubled rhat .it is not his own, ~by? Becaufe he is going away; fo let us ' not be trov.bled when we fee other men have. great .eHaces but we have not,.Why? wear~ going awa_r, inc_oanother Cau~.try , you are lodgmg here but as It were for a OJghr, if you thould Jive an hundred yeers in comparifon of ecemitie, it is not fo· much as a night, it isbutaS:if you were travelling, ami were come into an'Inn ~And we.re not this a madnefs for a1 man to ·be difcontented becaufe ~be hath not what he fee$ there, . feeing. it may be he is to go away again within halfaquarter of an hour? So you find it in David, thi~ ~a~ the. argument that brought off D4vids heart from the ~bmgs of th1s world and fetsb1al upon other manner 6fthings, P[111.1 19-.19, lam a firanger in the earth, hide nBt thy Comm4nilements from me: 'I am a Rranger in the earth, ( vvhat then? then L_ord fet 'me have the knowledg of thy Commandements,and ies fufficient; as for the things of the. earth I £hod not upon them whether l have much or little, but -bide not thy Commandements from me, Lord let me know '1. the rule, that I thould guide my life by. ' . . . · Again, We are not only Travellers, but Soldters,this i's the condition of the life in which we are here i_n this world, and therefore we are to behafle our felves accordmgly. So the Apofile makes ufe of this Argument in vvriting unto Timothy,z Tim 2.. 3· T:hou therefore md11re hard~tefs. ~sa g_o{)d Soldier.'if Jefiis Cbrift,Tbe very thought of the tondJtJoli ot a man ·that 1s a Soldier, <loth flill his.difqaiet ofhe:m: ·w~en 'he is-':lbro~Gl, .he bath not chat accomodation in his quarrers a·s·, he bath .ln l:iis.!lfrvne famille;perhaps a man thadiat~ -his ~ed1~a.rm & -cu~ta-ins drawn _about him, and all accomodatton·s m h1s chamber ; no" perhaps foll\etimes be m'ufi be-put to lye upon tltaw, and ·ht: . thil'lJteth with himfelf I am a''Soldier and it is funble totny ~ondition