Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

p art.r.Secr. x. Di(eafes oftheMinde. Memb.r.Subf.4• mijfogradu, faith cGord.nitU, as the humour is intended or remitted. Ofthe 9 fame mind isdA rettm,AlexanderTertuUtantU, Gutaner 1 "',Savan•rola,Heur _, Lib.Med. nim· and Galen himfelfe writes promifcuoully of them both, by rea(on of d Parr.mani~. thei; affinity:but moH ofour neotericksclo handle them apart, whom! will:;!~:~:;;: follow in this Treatife. Madnerfe IS thereforeddined to be avehement Do. q~i """ drbi- ·tage or ravingwithout a Fever, farre more violem then Melancholy, full of ~·b·?' "j.""' an";r and clamor, horrible lookes, actions, gefiures, troubling the patients ,:,;:,:,:;.,';_ wi~h farregreater vehemency both ofbody and mind, without all feare and neam &jug•- [orrow, withfuchimpetuous force and boldnelfe~ thatfometimes thre~~r ;;~;,';;y~(~t-' fouremen cannot hold them. Drffermgonlym this from Phrenfie, thatms mi,fidconfowithouta Fever, and their memory is mol! !'art better.It bath_the famecau- 7:;:;-.:~: fes as the other, as Choler adufi, and Bloudmcenfed, Bramesmflamed, &c, beneoptrandi < Fracajforim addes, adue time, andfoUage to thi< definition, lo dtjfinguifh it circa int<Uefrom children, andwillhave it aconfirmcd Impotency, tofeparate tt from [itch ~~ti;~;;~~~ tU accidentally come andgo~tgain,.u by taking Henbant,Ntghtjhade,Wine,&c. f Of which Of this fury ther~ bediverskindes;Extajie,wh~ch is familiar with f?me per- ~;;,:;:;;~1, fons,as Cardanfaithof h1mfdfe, he could be monewhenhe hfi; 10 wh1ch dementi' ali<- theindian priefis deliver their Oracles, and the witches inLapl~tnd,as Ol~tt~~ ...rionr. MagnMwriteth, ltb.3.cap. r8 . Extajiomniapr.edicere, anfwer all quefiions in an Extafis you will aske; as what your friends doe, where they are, how they fare,&c. The o~hcr JPecies ofthis fury arcEnthufiafmes ,RtvelAttPns,and Ytjtons, {o often mentioned by Gregory and BtdA in their workes; Obfeffion or pofiellion of devils, Sibylline Prophets, and Poeticall Furies; fuch as come by eating noxwus Herbes, Tarantulas fiinging,&c. which fome reduce to this. Themofr lmownc arcthefe, LycanthropiA,ffydropho~ia,Chorus fi.paiYiti. Lycanthropia, which Avicenna calls Cucubuth, others Lupinam infoniAm, C.Jt<lllhropi 1 ,' or Wolfe madnelfe, when men runne howling about graves and fields in the night, and will not he perfwa<jedbut that they are Wolves, orfome fuch beafrs. g lEt!us and h I'•ulus call it a kinde of Melancholy ; but I lhould ra- g Lii.6.<ap., 1 therrefene JttO Madnerfe, asmofi·doe. Some make a doubt of it whether hl.rb.J.<ap.•6 there be any fuch difeafe. i Donat ab AltoiiMri faith, that he f.1w two ofthem ~~,t9·"'"· in his time 1k Wierus tells a fiory offuch aone at I'ad11a 15 IJ-I .that would not k 'D.e.pr~ftig, beleeve to the contrary, but that he was aWolfe. He bath another infiance v~monurr;.t . s . ofaSpaniard, who thought himfelfe a Beare: 1 ForrejfM confirmes as much ftf.ij.;~ .... lib. by many examples; one amongfr the refi of which he was an eye-witnelfe 10 ·•• morbi< at A!cmaer in HollAnd, a pooreHusbandman that frill haunted about graves' mdrt,cap.> f. and kept in Churchyards,ofa pale,black,ugly,andfearfulllooke. Such be: li~eor little better, were Kin~ I'r.tttiSm daughters, that thought themfelvcs m HippoCTatel Kme. AndNebuchadnezzar m Dame-!, as fome interpreters hold was onely m.JeinJimi._ troubled with t~is kinde ofMadnelfe. Thisdifeafe perhaps gave ~ccafion to that bold alfernon of" rimy, fome men were turned into wolves tn hi< time n Lib.s.,.,.,. And from wolves to men auaine: and to that fable of I'auf'ani,u of aman' ~""'" 1"'"'!'" o 'J." , 11um upor 1.e.. that was tenneyearesaWolfe, and afterwards turned to h1s former lhape : ri; w"""•·· to oovtdstaleof Lycaon, &c•. He that is defirolisto heare of this Difeafe, oMer.u;.•, or more examples, lethimreade tAujfminhisx8. bookede Civitate Dei, cap.5. Mrzalduscent .5·.77·Sc/unkius ltb.I. HtldejheimJPicet. l.deManiA. Forejfus ltb. xo.demorbtH,rebrt . Olaus MagRus, rmcentius BtiiA'<Iicenjis, B JPec.