Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parc•••Sect.r. <.Anatomy •fthe Soulr. Memb.z.Subf.5. !O it. FortheEffenceandparticular knowledge, of all otherthings it is moll: -hard(be it ofManor Beafi)to dik:erne, as ' Arijlotle himfelfe,b Tu!ly, c Fiem :a~:~· ao~m•. Mirand"la, d Tolu,and other Neorericke PhilofophersconfeOe.' We caprm- :r7f':l:J,~'/' der.ftandallthingsby her., but. what jhe #we ~annat appr~hend. Some therePal. (;;.,it_,: fore make one Soule, dlVlded mto three prmCJpall faculties; others, three di- 'l·Pa;,·m6· fiinctSMies, Whichque~ionoflaie harhbeene much controverted by Pi- ~~;;~~qu•!f. colominelll, andZa~ar.el. 'Faracel(m Will have foure Soulcs, adding to the inteOigimu.,et three graored faculties, a SpmtuaUSoule: which opm10n ofh1s, Campanella tamcnqu•_fit inhisbookede·• Senforerum, much labours to demonfirateand prove, be- ~[."~:;:~~~,. caufe Carkalfes bleed at the fight of themurderer; with many fuch arguf spiraua.lem menrs: Andg fome againe, one foule of all Creatures whatfoever, differing ;:~~~;,:;;~- only in Organs; and t~ar beall:s havereafonas well as men, though for fome tuetur,etiamin defectofOrgans,notmfuchmeafure. Others make a doubt, whether it be caM.~ere inh•- all in all, and all in every part; which is amply difculfed inzabarel amongll: ~;::;:,;;~.u- there!l. Thehcommondivifionofthc Swle, is into three principall faculquot menfis. ties, vegetal, S enjitive, and Rational!, which make three difiinct kinde of ~ Lib._J.cap.J a living Creatures: Vegetal/Plants, Senjible Beafis,RationaUMen.How thefe ~-~~~~~::;;;i,_ three principal faculties are diftingui!hed and connectcd,H umano ingenio inin Gri!lo Lip.f. acce!fom videtur, is beyond humane capacity, asi Taurellm, Fhilip,Flavim, f,ffi;~~?Rlf~ andothersfuppofe. The infcriourmaybealone, but the fuperiour cannot & Flttu,A- fubfifrwithoutthcother; [oSenjibteincludes Yegtta/,Rationa/ both;which '"::;,;;;:;;;,~- are contained in it ([aith.dri.Jlotle) 11ttrigonmintetragono, as a Triangle in a, £ Philip.:de A- Q£.adrangle. nim• eo. •. c~- V~r;etaU, the firfi ofthe three difrinct faculties, is defined to be a(iebflantiJ ~;.;~;,~:!;,hall adofanorganicall body,by which it if nourijhed, augmented, and ~egcts an~. de placit philof other like"nto itfelfe. In which definition, three feverall operations are fpei 'De •it. &' cified, .dltrix, .A.ulfrix,Procreatrix; the firll is k Nutrition, whofe object is ~;;,~~;~j;·~;, nouri!hmenr, meat, drinke,and rhc like;his Organ the Liver in fenfiblecrea- ., "'"'·'-'·"· tures ;in Plants, the rooc or fap. His office isro rurne the nutriment into the 'iJ[.~.:~ule. [ub~anceofthe body nouriihed, which he l'erformes by naturall hear. This k Nutritio efl nurrmve operation harh foure other fubordmare functiOns,or powers belon- =!7:~~:~~=1- gi~g to !t, .A~tral1i~n, Retemion, Digeftion,Expuljion.l Attralti~n.is a m~ni .. ""'"'"'"·seal. ll:nng faculne, which as a Loadfrone dorh Iron, drawes meat mto the fto- '"'"·•o•. macke, or as alamp doth oyle; and this attractive power is very neceffary in 1}.11 ·' Ji· Plants,which fuck up moill:ure by the root, as another mouth, into the fap, 1 ;;;·.;,~~~~f as alikeftomacke.Retention keeps it, being attracted unto rhe ftomack,unrill Attrallionin fuch rime it be concocted;for ifit !hould palfeaway firaighr,rhe body could ~~~!~~~!43' nor be oouri!hed. Dige.ftim is performed by naturall heat; for as the flame _Digdlion. ofatorch confu!I)eS oyle, wax, tallow: fo doth it alter and digell: the nutritivematter.Indigefiion is oppofite unto it, for want ofnaturall heat. Ofthis Digeflion there be threedifferences,Maturation, Elixation, A/fation. Matu- ~htl«acion. ratlon,is efpecially ob[erved in the fruits of trees: wnich are rhen faid to be ripe, when the feeds are fit to be fowne againe. Cruditie is oppofed to it, which Gluttons,Epicures,and idle perfons aremoft fubject unto, that ufe nCJ exercife tofiirreup narurall heat, or elfe choke it, as too much wood puts )llixation. outa fire. Elixation is rhefeething ofmeat in the ftomack, by the faid naturall hear, as meat is boyled in a pot; to which corruption or putrefaction is !t-~lion. oppolite. A jfation iu~:oncoelion of th~ inwarq mojlture by heat; his op- . ~- ·---- --- ---------- ---· - ---· ·- · · . l'otitc: