Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Pa_rt.t .Sect.I . .AnAtomy ofthe Soule. Memb.2.Subf.8. ------------~~·~~~--~~----- 24 governed by Reafon, or atleaft ihould be; but in brutes it hath no fuperiour, --- and is rAtio b1utorum,a1l the reafon they have. Memory. Memory !ayes up all thefpecies which the fenfes have brought in, and re~ cords themas agood Regifter, that they may be forth-coming when they are called for by PhantAjie and Reafon. His_object is the fame with Phant"Jie, his feat and organ the back part ofthe brame. . Alfclliono of The affectionsofthefefenfes,areSle(fe andWAktng,commonta all fen~ the re.nfes, fible creatures. Sleepe is areft orbinding of the outwArd Senfcs ,andoft~ecom. flccp\"nd mon{enfc,for'thepre(ervattonofBody ~tndSoule, (as"Scalrgtrdelinestt) For ~~~~;;;,,,8o. when the commontenfe refteth, the outward fenfes relblfo. The Phanrafie alone is free; and his Commander, Reafon : asappearcs by thofe imaginarie Dreames, which are ofdivers kindes, Natura/1, Divine, D4moniACall, &c. which vary according to humors,diet,actions, objells, &c. ofwhich, Artemidorll1, Cardan~~S,andSambucll1, with theirfeverall Interpretators, have writtengreat volumes. This ligation ofSenfes, proceeds froman inhibition of fpirits, the way being ftopped by which they ihould come; this ftopping is caufed ofvapours arifing out ofthe ftomack, filling theNerves, by whicn the fpirits ihould be conveyed. When thefe vapours are fpenr, the paffageis open, andthefpirits performetheir accuftomedduties; CothatWaking is the aflion andmotion of the Senfcs, which the Spirits dijferfcd overall parts, cau[C. Suz s se.?· ojtheMoving facultj.' is Moving Faculty, is the other·power of the Senfltive Soul(; which cauferh all thofe Inw"rd and OutJMrd animal/ motions in Appetite, the body. It is divided into two Faculties, the power of Appetite, and of movingfromplace to place. This of appetite is threefold, fa fomewill have it; Naturall, as it fignilies any fuch inclination, as of a ftone to falldownward,and fuch actions asRetention,Expulfton,Which depend not of fenfe, but are reget.</1, as the Appetite of meat and drinke, hunger and thirft. Senfltive is common to men and brutes. Voluntary, thethirdorin· telledive, which commands the other two inmen,and is acurbe unto them, or at!eaft fhould be; but for themoft partis captivated and over-ruled by them: and men areled like beafts by fenfe, giving reines to their concupifcenceandfeveralllufts. For by this Appetitethefouleis led or inclined to follow that good which the Senfes !hall approve, or avoid that which they hold evil: his object being good or evil, the one he embraceth, the other he reje~eth: according to that Aphorifme, Omniaappetunt bonum,all things feekctheir ownegood, or at leaft feeming good. This power is infeparable from fenfe;forwhere fenfe is, there is likewifepleafureand paine. His Organ is the fame with the Common [Cnfc, and is divided into two powers, or incli· ~,I,~!ffi~~:e nations, Concupi(cible_or lrafcib!e: or (as• onetranfiatesit)Covetmg, A_nger of the Minde. tnvadm$, or Impugmng.Concupifctbte covetsalwayes pleafant and de!tghtfomethmgs,and abhorresthat which is diftafifull, harlh, and unpleafant. y Yelcurio. lrafoibJe, 1 quafl averfans periram 6- odium,as avoiding it wich.anger and in- . · · --- - dignation•.