Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parr.r.SeCt.r. Anatomy ofthe Soult. Memb.2.Subf.8, dignarion. All affeCtions and pcrturbarions arifeourofrhefe two foumaines, 2 5 whichalrhoughrheStoickes makelighrof, weholdnaturall, and nor to be rdifted. The good affeCtions are caufed by fome objeCt of the fame nature; And ifprefem,rhey procure joy, which dilates the heart, ahd preferves rhe body: ifabfent, they caufeHope, Love, Ddire, and Concuptfcence. The Bad are Simple or mixt:Simpldor fome bad objeCt ptcfenr,as farrow,which ccmraets the Heart, macerates the Soule, fubverrs rhe good ellare of rhe Body, hindering all rhe operations of it, caufing Melancholy, and many rimes death it felfe: or future; as Fcare., Our ofrhefe rwo arife rhofe mixr af. fedions and paflions ofAnger, which is adefire ofrevenge; Hatred,which is inveterate anger; Zeale,which is offended with himwho hurts that he loves; and "''""'l.,.,.,u., acompound affeCliqn of Joy and Hare, whenwe rejoyce at other mens mifchiefe, and are grieved at their profperiry; Pride, Selfe-love, Emularion,Envie,Shame,&c. ofwhich elfewhere. . Moving from place to pl.ce, is a faculty necelfarily following the other. For in vaine were it orherwile to dclire and ro abhorre, if we had nor likewile po\CI'er to profecureor efchue,by moving rhe body from place to place: By this faculty rhereforewe locallymovethc bndy, or any parr ofit, and goe from one place to another. To the better performance ofwhich, three things are requilire: That which moves;by what it moves;rhar which is mo. ved. That which moves, is either theEfficient caufe, or End. The end is rhe object, whichisdefiredorefchued; asinadoggero catch ahare, &c. The (fficientcaufeinmanis Reafon, or his fubordin~te Ph11ntajie, which appre. .- . ·: ·: bends good or bad objeCt~: in brutes Imagination alone, which moves rhe Appetite; the Appetite this faculty,which by anadmirable league ofNature, and by mediation of rhe fpirits, commands the Organby which it moves : and char confifis ofNerves, Mufcles, Cords, difperfed through rhe whole body, contracted and relaxedas the fpirirs will,which move theMufcles, or >Nervesinthemid~ofrhem, anddra": the cord, an~ Coper &onfeq~<ensche •Ner-vi dJPi• Jaynr, totbe place mrended. That wh1ch IS moved, 1S the body, or fome ,;,~ movmtur. member apt t<;> move: Themotion of the body is divers, as going, running, Jt:.:.~~,;:;:•­ leapmg, dancmg, fimng, and fuch hke, referred to the pred1camenr of Sit m. W ormes creepe, Birds f!ie, ,Filhes [ wimme; and fo of parts, rhe chiefe of which is Refptr4tion or breathing, and is rhus performed. The outward aire isdrawne inby t~e v~ca~vfrtery, and fenr by mediation of rhe Midritfo to the Lungs, wh1ch dilarmg rhem[elves ~a pmeofbellowes, reciprocally fetch it in, and fend it our ro rhe heart to coole it: and from thence now be. ing hot, convey it againe, fiill raking in frefh . Sucha like motion is that of thePulfe; of which, becaufe many have written whole bookes, I will fay norhmg.