Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part. r.Sed.r. vfnatomy ofthe Soulc. Memb.2.$ubf.9. Ofthe R.tionallSoule. D . N the precedent Subfedions I have anatomized thofe inferiour faculties of the foule; the Rational! remaineth, a pleajitnt, but a • V~curio.lu- doubt(ulljubjec1 (as'c>netermes it) and with thelike brevity to be ~:;,j,%t{a:;: difcu!Ted. Many erroneous opinions are about the e!lence and originall ofit; whether it be fire,asZeno held;harmony,as Ariftoxenus;number,as X enocrates;whether it be organical,or inorganical; feared in the brain, heart, or bloud; mortall or immortal!; how it comes into the body. Some hold thatitisex traduce, as Phi!. 1. dev!nima, Tertullian, LaEfantit~~de opiji<. Dei cap. I9· Hugo lib. de Spiritu& vfnima,VincentiU< Bellavicjpec. b Goclellitt<in natteral. lib.2 3. cap .z .& II. Hippocrates,Avicenna,and many b late writers; '~'•x••P~- . that onemanbegets another, body >nd fuule: or as a candle froni acandle ~",;j:%;;1 /f.~ tobeproduced fromthefecd: otherwife, fay they, amanbegetsbut half~ 71•~ide•ufoa, a man, and is worfe then a be>lt that begets both matter and forme; and be- :i,'"'~t;;_ fides the three f>cultles ofthe foule muH be together infufcd, which is moll: .;!~Le~i'"" abfurd as they hold, becaufe m beaft~ they are begot, the two inferiour I r.emni,.,&c. meane,and may not be well feparated m men. 'Galen fuppofeth the foulecra. ft~~~:.~~;),jin e!fe,tobe theTemperatureitfelfe.; Tri{meg_ij!m,Mrif.em, Orphem, Ho. •c~f"'·6.corn. mer, Pmdarm, Ph«rmdes Syrus, Ep:tletu:_, wrth theChaldtes and Ai.gypti•. :,~"'~::;!· ans,affirmed the foule to be uomortall, as ord thofe Brttan * Druides ofold.' u;,I.oftheim- ThedPythagortans defend Metcmpfjcho[is, and Paltngenejia, that foulesgoc mortoliryof from m1ebodv to another, epot£ pri11s Lcthes und!t, as Men intoWolves <!Jc S~ule. Beares, Dogges, Hogges, as they wereinclined in their lives,or participated in conditions. • O<Uid.met.I s __ )t- inquefirin44 Poffitmlls ire domttS, pect~dumqtte in corpora condi. c lnGa/lo. c J,t<eiAI'JS Cock was firft Euphorbus a Captaine: · Jlleego (nammemini) Trojanittmponh.Ui, · ldtm. £Nicep1mff• bift.li0:10· •·35· Panthoidts Erephorbtlstram, · ahorfe,aman,afpunge.fJtdian the Apoftata thought Altxandm foulewas defcended into his body :Plato in Tim£o, and in his Ph.edon (for ought I caA perceive) .differs not much from this opinion, that it was from God at firft, and knew all, but being inclofed in the body, it forgets, and learnes anew, which he calls reminifcentia, or recalling, and that it was put into the body for apunilhment,and thence it goes into abeafis,ormans, as appeares by his ~Pb•dro . . pleafant fiction dt [ortitionean:marum, lib. ro. de rep. andati:er ~ zoooo, :.~!·~~;,~· yeares is to returneinto the former body againe, [erp. - -- · * pojl varios annos,permi!lejgrer,u; Rurfr•s .<d humar~<•fertrw primordi4 vit... Others deny the immortality ofit, which PomponatiuJofPadtM decided out of Arijlotltnotlong fince,Plinius Avunculuscap.7. lib. 2. &lib.7,cap. 55· Seneca !ib.7.cpijl. ad Lucili11m tpift. 55. Dicearchus in 'I'u/1. T~tft, Epict~rus, ..Ar.,tus,liipp~erates, Galen,LIIfretiHs lib.x . (Pr.<tm4