Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

li ~ I I I ,. D • M o c R 1 Tu s to the Reader. f luv.sau. No Centa11res here,orGorgonslooktofind, i:J;;:;r;~· My fubject is of man,and humane kind. c"''""' 1616. Thou thy fdf art the fubjecr of iny difcourfe, 1' Hip. Ep ift. f ~icqttid au-unt homines 1 votum,timor, ira,volttot.U' ~amafp. 6 ,(; £ 7 tLacrt.lib. 9 . Gaudia,difcurJtiS, nofti farrragolibefli. ~,;;,7;~'J!t! What ere me~ doe, vows, fears, _in ire,in fport, gent, ibique {e- • J oy~s, wandrmgs,are the fitm ot my report. . ipJUm inctu- My mtent IS no otherw1fe to ufe hts name, then M ercttrtuJGallobelgicm; ~e:a~i;:.xu fo- M ercurttU Brttanmc~M ,ufe the name of J:1 ercurte, g Democrttus ChrifliaIFL"uit orym- nu.r,&c. Although there be fome other Circumfian~es, for which I have puute 8o,7oo. mas.ked my felf under this vifard, and fome peculiar refpetts, which I ~:;:::.' P•ft Tro- cannot fo well exprelfe, until! I have [et down a brief Gharatter of this· m 'DiacofquodOUr Democritu.r,whathewas,with anEpitomeofhislife. ;::;;f::Jc~;};~ Demoeritu.r,as he i~ defcribed by hHippocrates and i Laertiils;was a linle Lam. weanfh old man, very melancholy by nature, averfe from company in : g;;;~i~·~' ~is latterdaies, k and muc~ given to folitarinelfe, a famous Philofopher ag>ic.p•ffi;,. mh~>age, I co':vuswlthSo:rates, wholly addiCted to h1s fiud1esatthe p Polucrum lafi,and to a pnvate life, wnr many excellent works, agreat DIVme, ac. ;:':.'t!~"~- cording to the divinitie'?~ thofe times, an expert Phylician, a Politician, ., ft di<it 1b- an excellent MathemanCian,as m Dtacofmus ,and the reil ofh1s works do de~itans Ep. wimelfe. He was much delighted with the fiudies ofHusbandrie,faith ~tahelliCU<ex-n ColumeU4, and often I finde him cited by ° Conftantinus and others empl.lib.<o. treatingofthatfubjett. He knew the natures, differences of allbeafis, ' ~:~7/,if~;li- plams,fitlJes,birdsland,as fomefay,could P,underfiand thenmes and "'conremptari- voyces of them. In a word, he was omnifarsam doflus, a-generall fcho- ••i opera~ d<~- lar,a great fiudent; and to the iment he might better contemplate, q I find ~J; 1:;~~: lt r~lated by fome,that he put out his eyes,and was in h(s old _age vol~­ profund~ cogi. tarily blmde, yet faw more then all Greece belides, and 1 wnt of evene :•;;:~;;;;;;; fubjed,~tht/ intotoopijici~natur.e,de qtt• nonfcripjit. A man of ~ne~­ M,alia Ma- cellenr wit, profound conceit; and to arramknowledge the betterm h1s rbemari:a,lib~- younger years, hetravelled to Egypt and r <.A theM, toconferre with ~:::,'.;){i;t,~; learned men, 1 admiredoffome,dejpi{ed ofothers. After~ wandring Iif:, omnium periti- heferled at .Abdera a townmThrace, and was fent forthuherro bethe1r am<allebat. Law-maker, RecorderorTown-clerke, asfomewill; or as others, he z·:~;:;u· was th~rebredand born. Howfoever it was, thcrehelivedat lafiin _a novit. garden m the fuburbs,wholly betakmg h1mfelf to h1sfiudtes,2nd a pn- ' td~m contem- vate life, "Jiwingthat (omctimes he wot<ldwalk down to the haven, • and !:;::,:fba"f.~~~ laugh heartily at fi~eh varietie of ridiculous objefls, which there he fow. uSolebatad Suchaonewas Democritu.r. f.:;;~~·~~~ But in the mean time? how cloth this conc~rne me, or upon what re-· &'c.Hip.Ep. ference doe I ufurpe h1s habit ~ I confdfe mdeed that to compare my ;}~';g;tuo ri- felf ~nto him for ought I have yet [aid,were both impudencieand arrofu plmonem ganCie. I do not prefume to make any parallel,Antt{lat mtht mtl!tbustrtagitar~folebat centu, Yparvus jum,nu!tusfum,altum nee (jtro,necjjao. Yet thusmuchl r.~':':a~:;:· wil fay ofmy felf,and that I hope witho~t all fufJ,>icionofpnde, or [elfyNon[um dig- conceit I have liv' da filent,fed entary,fohtary,pnvate hfe,mtht & mufis, ':.fr't.':;:rr, il_l ~he \:J~iverfity ~ !?11£ al~o!{ as !_momres i~ ,dt~w,ad [eneflamfu?, -~ . - -· . to