Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.SeCl:. ~ . Caufts of Melancholy. . 72 thkke, muddy water ,mull: needs have muddy, ill coloured, impure, and in-• a Eduli"xr... firme bodies.And becaufe the body works upon the minde,they ihall have ~:~~;//;f.ato groifer underfiandi-ngs,dull, foggy,melancholy fpirits,andbe really fubject fhrim. to all manner of infirmities. ;,:;;;::,;.;;;;:,~ To thefe noxiousfimples, we may reduce an infinite number of CQffi. ,.;,, commen"<j, pound, artificiall madediihes, ofwhich our Cookes afford us a grearvariealiwriofo pi· ty, as Taylors doe faihions in our apparel I. Such are~ Puddings ftuffed with· ~;;,~~~P~~j~;~- blood, or otlierwife compofed, Baked meats,fowced,induratt: meats,fryed vi-.uum ""'i- and broyled, buttered meats,condite,powdred,!nd overdryed, ball Cakes' liant "'"b" "'m Simnds, Bunnes, Cracknels made with butrer,fpice,&c.Fritters,Pancakes: :;;~:});;b;:;_i· Pies, Salfages,and thofe feverall fawces,fharpe or over fweetJof which Sci- ft'J::::::,. entia pop in£, as $weea cals it, hath ferved thofe' ..A"pician tricks, and perfuP.Iov.vi~aejus. med d1ihes,which Adrian the 6. Pope, fo much admired in the accounts of cAs Lcmcc his predecdfor Leo DecimUJ;and which prodigious riot &prodigality have ilccpod in ' invented in this age. Thefe doe generally ingender gro!fe humours, fill the ~~~:~~~:~- ll:omack with cruditic:s,and all thofe inward parts with ob(hultions~ M os~ ndlands.go.·, tanm confil. 2 z.gives inftance in a melancholy Jew, that by eating fuch tart ~o'n~:r,~e n- fawces,made diihes,and fait meats,with which he was overmuch delighted, fed in ,higni- ' became melancholy, and was evil! affected. Such exampks are familiar and on, Stcphan. ·common. · SUB$ E C T. z, f1!Lantity ofdyet a CA*Je· dA,;,.,.IIlz,_: • • _ """' ;a, focef!it. Here IS not fo much harme proceedmg from the fub. ~==;" ~·~~~ ftm~ hf<~<of mare,..,q..I<y of i<,i" ;n,,., '"'""'f"it. Pt- fingandprep_aring,as there is from the quantity, -le<~ ' 0 ·"P· IT- , d1lorder of time and place, unfeafonable ufe·of it, e L1b. 11- cap. ' d · h J' 1 · p.HDmillici- ., • l~temperance,~vcr~~c , or over ttt e 1 taJ:.jng b••mwjftmu• of It. ~ true faymg1us, Plures craptlfa q•am gf~. ~:ifZ~,::,:;:~- • dtUJ ~ this gluttony k1ls more than the fword, r.his M'" ""mli- · omnworantra & hom1Cida gt~la, thts al-devourma -''Ptrnici•f•, · • • • a~d murdering gut. And that of • Pliny is true~ :,';;~{~~~' Simpluiyet u thebejl, heaping up of (evtra/1 mwe; ftwst. u pernictCUJ, .,dfawces worfe, many difhes bring many di(eafes. '<.A vi- · ~)h'uj::;:;:;t" , cen cryes our, that nothingu.worfe than t1 feed on many difbes, or te protrac1 ;he quim Ji ""'P"' ltme ofmtats longer than ordmary,from thence proceed Mr znjirmwn, -and tM i•floto>tgi.. eo- the foumaine ofall difea(es ,which ari(e out of the rep•gnancy of groffe humours. · '£':,~~P;::;:· Thence, (aith g FerneliUJ, come crudities, _winde, oppilauons, cacochymia, cjborum gmera Plethora, Cachexia,Bradtopepjia, * Htnc (ubtl,e mortes,atquetntejlata finetfm, ':J.""g'"'"'' fuddendeath,&c. and what not. ft.;,:,.~:~= As a Lampe }scho~ked.with a ~ultitude ofoyle,or a .Iitt~e fire with over- '"'P"f!U1111i• muchwood qmte exrmgmihed, fo1s the naturall heat with Imm<Dde.rate eat- :u;::,~,~;~;: ing,ftra~gled in the ~ody. Pe;~itiofa fentina ejiAbdom~ in.fi!turabile;one faith, .• 1,v.sas. 1. an infanable paunch IS a permoousfink,and rhe founrame ofall d1feafes both hNimiarepl<-. ofbody and minde,h Mercurialuwill have ita peculiar caufe of this private ~~:;::,":,!,':' difeafe; Solenander conjil.5 .(ea. 3• illuftrates this of c..Mmnrialu, with an example