Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.1.Setl.2. IJ34'd Jyrt aCaRjt. Meffib.2.SubC 5~ obferves as much ofall Phlebotomy, except they keepe a very good diet af- &r ten it : Yea and asP LeonArtriS Jacchinu> fpeakes out of his owne experience, P'" 9 .Khifh. qTI(ehloodismuchhlacker tomanymmaftertheir lettingofblood, than it w.u atr<mbil<m paat firft.For this caufe belike Salujf. Salviniantts lib.z. cap. r. will admit or ~~;:~•m de· heare of noblood .letting at all in this Difeafe, except it be manifell it pro- q Maileoiuiceed from blood : he was (it appeares) by his owne words in that place, wfPdlnt.,· f,._ Maller ofan Horpitall ofmad men, 'andformd hy long e':periencc, thdt thu ;:';fo'Y}.~':., kindoftvtiCtJ4tt6netthtr"' head, arme, or any other eart dttl more harme than f~atabiltitie. good. To this opinion ofhis, * Felix Plater IS qmte oppolite, though fome •·N~nlewiem winkeat,dij.llowand quite COIItradiflaU Phlebotomy in <.Melancholy, yet by '!/:, ' d:~t/J,~;.;_ long experience I have found tnnumcrahle fofaved, afur they hadbwu 20. nay dam _effo "lml4nf 6o. timeJlet hlood, and to live happily after it. It w.u an ordirmy thing of old ~:r:':k/f.;:!: inGalens time, to take at once from fi~eh mm 6. poundifhlood, ,htch now we iruie,ez,getm. dare 'Caret take in ounm,fod viderint medici, great books are written of this ga exp<ii<nti4 . I" obferom;,m ?rofubJe(;!.. . . prie ll<ts;dtJCbie, Purgmg upward and downward, mabundance of bad humors om1tred, q•!dd<Jipimt'! may be forthe wor(l ; fo likewife as in the pre~edent, ifovermuch,too fre- :,:;~~;;::;:,:,, quent or violect,It r weakneth thm llrength, faith Fucbjiw l~h. 2. foB. •. cap. u ""tis dtfipi17. or_ifthey be llroogor able to endure Phylick, yet It ~nngsrhem. to an ~"'•.;tmeW.­ ill habit,they make their bodies no better than Apothecanes fuops, thts,and :;:.;t~ · fuch like infirmities mull needs follow. "'· - * Demrr.tis tt~ 6tMl.t4p.;. ttflmultDs htcimprobttf]ifcittm, i7mM11111".hl&rtttiilll[;IJJIIJos ll'llt«tbfrr'URillltt~grovi,ofMi vigtfits,ftxagU1 'Vt#m tlln· Jmd.,.;.,. fViru dtbilitaJ. · SUBSJ!CT. ~· Bat/ A ire A eaufe •f <JJ!tltlnehl/y. -:::----::-:-:-::~--::;::-,Ire is a caufe ofgreat moment, in producing this,or any other Difeafe , being that it is fiill taken into our bodies by refpiration, and-our more inner parts. ' !fit , '"'P"'"' m be impure anilfoggie, it dtjells the fiirits, And cauflth [piritwdejieir, Di(eafc• hy infeBionoftbe hmt,as PAultM hath it,lib.I. ~t:",Z,~;, , cap.49· tAvim<tt~alib.I. Gal. defdn. t11endJ.. <.MercN- ·· . "' rialu, <.MontalttM, &e. •Fernelisu faith, a thick aire uS""f.ttinlm' ,~,. ---------thtckmth the blood a»d humiTJ. •Lemnisu reckons up dm~at,llht"'!"­ two maine things mo(l profitabi:, and moll pernicious to our bodies .; Aire, ~~lb.i~c~p:~;,, and Dier : and this peculiar Difeafe, nothing f(/oner caufeth (Y Iobertsu y Lib.deqlkrfholds) t_h~~ the Aire wherei? ~e breathe andlivt' ~-Such as is the Aire, ,fui:h' =:!~:~~ ?e.our fpmts,and as our fpi:as, fuch_are our burners. Ihllfendscommonly tr.Witnrk""'" tf It be ro_o > hot and dry,_ thick, fuhgmous, cloudy, blullering_, or a tempe- :'~~'}".:;·,;..,·. fiuous At re. Bodme tn hu 5· B•oke ~erepub. cAp. 1. And S· of hts method of lilft iril.,:;. "' HIIlory, proves that hot Counrnes are mofi troubl~d witH melancholy; cuj•[m!'ii[ps"O and that there are rhe~efore in Spaine , Africke , and .._,t jiA minor, great ;;:~· hut~~-: numbers o~ mad m~n, m f~ much that they are compelled in all Cities of "W£1i.mN4 M<~to note ro bmld peculiar hofpttalsfor them: Leo • Afer lib . 3· de Fej[tt urbe, '"'f",tap.u . ' '"' ftititl.~ts tt ficrw, paWJ;w[114, crlljfll4. :t M ~~~M hk ~ {{tT11UlhiU [MMU,;, miRi. i,ll#jlritlij;m& c41t:~=~~;,., L Ortelim