Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

95 xoau/t.PIJiloj: Jib.i.cap 64. W\i)unds like1o1tbofe ol Chmfts(1fauheieaft any fuch were]x, Agrippa fLtp- .po{l!th t~ hav~l'JgppeMd b¥ force ef]magination : ~ha-tfome a,re turned to Wr!lliV!=S,fuom,Mento W'0ll)en, and Womenagaineto'M<in (wnich is t(!)\1. :fti\ndybeleeMcid)_to the litme Imagination: or from Men t0. Alf~s, Dogs, .~r ~Y-»ther lbap!ISIY Wiertl613fcnbes all:thofefamous transfol11llattons,to Ima. y Lib, J.de L<- .gin.<l€ion; 1ibat~imlil)•.drc•phubi4•theyfeeme to fee th'q>iilure of a Dog, llill in mi;,,,.p,,o, thelnw)lter,. ·~h:it mel_anclwly men, and fick men, conceive.io·many.P.han - "-Af!ippc'I..Ib. ~~li!J>~IJ vifi0,~appa.:mon~>~:a thcmfelves,and .havefuchabftrr-d appam10ns, '-"'P· 6t rllS:th~~ they JM.e 1fiimgs,Lorils,Cocks,B~ars,Apes;O •wles; rhat they are hea- ;vy,.light,trac~~ar, gr~o,'alld little, fenllelfeand dead (as'!ball be !hewed f11o.te~tlarg.c;'+,n ·our • S~(lioosofSymptomes) can be~ imputed io naught ;,J:~J~"Pi;· dl4,b~lt tou corrupt, faUi:., '<!md >Jiole~t Imagination. ft works not iq -ft6k •Miilw ''!'<; <1,9d J,nelanch'&ly'moo onecy,lDuu:venmoft forcibly fometimes in fuch as ate kfi>fol.v1:"'~n ~ound: it makes ' t~em fuddea~y fick, -~nd • alters their temperature in an f:,r:;:;,;;:;:.;,_ Jnfia.nt.Aud fu~'ONm~sa fbtOJl!lg.conceJt or appr.cbenfioll,as bya!ejim proves wtk~e.s,q;forti ;will t.ake away Di{<:afes : in both kinds it will produce reall effects. Men if •P~•'bm~'M.i they .fee butam.btlber man tremble,giddy,:or fickof. fome fearful difeafe,their ~"'~1~~­ ~PFPehenfion aod f~are is fo frmng in this kind, tbal'tbey will have the fame qu•.J::'IIf .,.,. Dif~:afe. 00->,i{bY:.formSouth-fayer; wife-man, fortune-teller, or Pby fitian, J; .,w:'"' ~: .they.~ tolcl, th~y !ball have.fuch aDifeafe, they ' will fo ferioully appreh~od ' 4~,.,:.:;::_• i!:,tbat they wiHoaflantl¥iab.our .ofttr.-4 >rbing' familiar in chimt{faith Ricc-iU< c Expe4i~< • . s... ~ilefefolre) < Ifit he told thm thty fhaU..be fiak onfuch a -da1, when that d•y ":.,~':;!~':h. clmy, they .wi'U Ji!tdJ !Je, Jjltk, and wilt· be {o terribly afflitled, :that fometiinu . .Pr•ditl~"' " t/lty.dieuplli:"i(.) DF cma'jil hls Difcbv.ery afrgm~rallr Praditidners ofPhy- -ili/i<Jr:t::::k fi~k ·f<~j.8.hath rw.G ftraoge. ft0ries to this pl'lrpofe, what phanfie is able t'o -~:;J:<Wl­ <l0.e.·The one (i)fa Parfon~ wife in lllort~amptM)bire, Anno1x6o7. that corn. ii prdiilrmdi. , llJ.mg't() 11 PhyHtian,and ~lii.~y.himdiatlhcwll.stroobled with.rhe Sciatica, - ~:~:,;,.bU::::., as-he t:onjecturdl,l(:adifeafeJhe wasfn!~frorn)' tbe f:rme night after her·re- ,;;....,,;;~ ,, turn.e, upon his wor.ds fe!Hnto.a griev(!)US fit of a Sctatica. And fuch another .. Ji"'"""""'•' ·CKamplc be had11 ofaoorber good wife,~har was fo• troubl~d with the ~ramp, · ;~;::::;:;::;. .aner~he fame ma~ne, ihe came byat,b~~ufe -ht'r Phyfician did h>ut name it. · ,.. _,tfum,~:."' Sornettmes deathn felf ts cau(ed by force of Pbantafie. I have heard ofone ·"f.m"t"'•~"-' tlw commiog.by chance in>:alnpany.ofhim tbac.was thought -to be fick of ~":,,;;:;P·· thePiagu~ (whid1 was rrot fo) fdl<i(!)Wne fuddenly dead. Another was Ml~~~t~Ur. ·'· !ick of the Plagne with ai~c~it. Onef~e'ing his fell<!lw let bloud, falls down m _a fowne.Aoother(faith d Card~nouo<Jf Arijlotle)fell down dead(which is d Subtil.,s. familiar to women at any gall:lr fight) · ifeeing but a man banged. A Jew in France (faith! Ltd•vicm>l"ives.)<::amel;>y<hance.()ver a~angerous palfage, 'Lil-.;. deanipr planke, thaday:over aBr.o9ke\.int.he darke, without hanne, the next day ma.&ap.dt mc/. pcrceivin_g what ~$nger he .wa5·in· 1 fuli dowhc dead. Many will n.ot bell'eve r Lib.de Pefle. fuch ftones to h.~ tru~, bli.tinngh•co!llm<5nly,arid der·idc wb~n they he~ reof g Li&.uap.6J . ~hem;but lettbefe mencohfitlcrwitb•themfelves,W Peur '6J""" illufirares ;:,.'}:~f;~;­ lt, Ifthey were fee ta waii..,a upon ·a>'plank on high, ·they would be giddy, f"'iroortcontreupoo wbtch they dar~ fecu~~lywalk upon the ground.Many-(faith Agripp'a) ~/i_rnu,C4ligw, cftrong heartedmen other,.,ifii mmble AI foch fights, ·d4zelt, ' .wfl are fi'cke, ff j;"t;;,':,j;l~,, they l1oke hut do,.,ne fi'om #J htgh plitae, ·andwhatmilves them l!tellbn'ihf .~ morbi corniti<tltr As fomeare famblefied by.Pbaotafie; fo fome·agaioe by F<!OCy alone l!na q""'""'hfi1.S· agood conceit, are as eafil y re{:ovcred. We fee commonly the Tooth-a~ he, ~;;.~;~·••!h ''" Gour,