Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

20 D E M o c R 1 T u s to the Reader. that knows better how toJudge, he cals them fooles. The foole hath{aid m~W>'.fani- ;n hi> heart, 1'{al.5 3· x.And thezrwazes tttterthe;rjolly,Pjal.'l-9· 14. m For ., quam P" what can bemoremad,thanfor ahttleworldly pleafitre to prowreuntothem. ;;7::::;':r.,,ftlveseternaUpunifhment l AsGregorie and others inculcate unto us: "" """'ncipa- Yea even all thofe great Plulofophers, the world bath ever had in ad- ,., fi'J,pliciir! miration, whofe works we doe fo lllUd! efteeme, that gave precepts of r;:,~;/';;/}':;. wifedome to othe~s, inventm ofAm aad Sciences, s aerates the wifeil: fuitn~t~iri ... man ofhistiinebytheOradeof Apollo, whomhistwoScholarsnrlat~ ~;p;,~:f~~:'· and n Xenophon [o much extoll and magnifie with thofe honourabletiiudici• omnium tles,be.ft andwiftft ofall mortal!men,the happteft andmoftJ•'.ft; and as* Al. g::,~"!~~; ciblades incomparably commends.him; .Achilles was aworthyman, but ~ •ppt;m, fa- Bracides and others were as worth1e as h1mfelf; .4ntmor andN eftor were pi•,.,•fli"!i t9' asgood as Pertcles, and fo of the reil:, but none prefent, before, or after 1:f};f/:.;'i. 4 .,u Socratts, nemo 'IJetermn. nequeeorum quz ~unc fimt, were ever fuch, will dillu s.,..,. match or come neare h1m.Thofefeven w1fe men of Greece,tbo[eBritaift ..t.finem, r.lit Druides,IndianBrAChmanni, .!i!.thiopianGymnofophifls,Magi of the Per- {;:::;::;:~ ftans,.ApoUoni~~<,ofwbom Philoftratm ,~ondoc1~ (tdnatJU {Aptens,wi[e •ptir<um t9' from his cradle,Epmm« ,Co muchadmired by h1s Scholar Lucretitn; ~~~~f~~""' ~i genm numanum tngemo fttperavlf, & omnes ~ Lib. •r.Pl<~;- J'erftrmxtt Stellas exortm lit .ethertm Sol. toni• con.i~i•. _ Whofe witexcell'dthewitsofmenasfar, ~~:!."~~~~;:' . As the Sun riling cloth obfcure a Star. fi<uabantiqnis Allthofe, ofwhom weread[uchPHyperbolica/1 elogiums; asof Ari~ ~ Regu!ana~u· ftotlc that he was wifedome it felf in the abfiraet, q aMiracle of nature,' ~:;."f.::;:;(;- breathing libraries, as Eunapitu of Longinm ,lights ef.nature,gyants for <ruJitio, •.•m.. wit, quinteifence of wir, divinefpirits~ eagles in. theclouds, fallen from "'"" h'""""' I d li. . I fh ·Id d'et fllftimia· Jeaven,go s, pmrs, ampso t ewor , . 1 ators, rum,mare,So- Nulla ftrant talelftfoela fotltra 'Vtrum: · {;;;~~-;::,'/!:;. Monarchs,miracles, fuperintendentsof~Jt and learning, Ocwtlll, Ph/J!. fopienti~, "' mx, Atl.u, Monftrum, portentum honlmu, orbuum'Vtrftmufoum, t~ltt. Srioppiw.. olim mm human" natur~ conp,tm, natllrA 11111ritm, ~.!j;";.·,~uila -meri(o c11i dotfior orbit . innubib~,lm- Sttbmifudifcrt fafotbllltmperllltn. perator 11 :"•- As .!i!.lianwrit of Protagor~U and Gorgi,u, wemay fay ofthem an,tant#m :;;:,:;.~,':;f-ajapientibt~~ abfoerMJt, quantum a 'Vir if pueri, they were children in re~ J.,eruditionit, fpeet, infants, not eagles but kites; novices, illiterate, EunuchiJapienti.e.· ~:~~.;~rop<, And although they were the wifeil:,andmoll: adm~red. in the!r age,as bee , w.3 .de fop. cenfured Alexander ,I do them,therewere I oo oo m h1s arm1e as worthy :~J.~~t;~; o- Captaines (ha~ they been in ~lac;~ ofcorn~and)as valiant as himfelfe; pbi, •., flul~ there wereM?nades ofmen V.:Ife~ m thofedare~,& yet an thorr ofwhat ••<infom,nu!- they ought to be. r Latfanttmm his bookeof wlCedome, proves them to 1• •m~•;:;::;:. be dizards, fools, aifes, mad-men,- fo fun of abfurd and ridiculous te- ~f,~~:~ir. nents andbrain-lick politions, that to his dunking never any oldwoman i?::,"';:•J;~: orllck.perfon doted worfe. fDcmocritust?ok all fro~ Le~cip;its aad hmJ,.,.,. lefi:,fauh be,themhmtance ofhufiUy to Ep1curus,'t11Jantentl dumJapsenflutri ti~ reli- ti~ ,&c. The like he holds of Plato,Ariftippm, &the reil:,making nodif- ;~::;;;·lib. '· ference "betwixt them avdheafts, f4'Vi11gthatthey couldJPeAk .• Theodmt od.J4.>.epi<ur. u Nioilintll'tftintC1~1ft'l' befO!IrtiJifUI~I"!II4JIIur,de[f<l·>6,<•S .• X ~at.de•irt. in