Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

34 D a "' o c 1o.1 T us t1 the Reader. manhood,andthe party is hmouredfor#. -•prof}erum& f~rlix ftelm Virtlil vocat11r-- Wemeafureall as Turkes doe by the event, and moll: part,as Cyprian notes,in all ages, countreys, places, pviti.t magnitudo imptmitatemfteleris •cquirit, the foulndfcof thefaa: : ~=~it,fti-vindicateHhe offender. d 0 ne is crowned for that which another is tor~. rnt .Jt: Jrin,ip. mented: nobilir.ru. Jlle cruamfteleris preciumtu!it, hie diadem~t. iJ;:;.~:;,;· made aKnight, a Lord, an Earle, a gr«at Duke, (as • vlgrippa notes)for !"'' )/•tt• re- which another /l!ould have hung ingibbets,as a terror to che reO:, lifuir.Tuf•f- _r & tamen alter, ~~;;,~~:;e.. Si focifflt idtm, cAderet (u{, judice morUm. '""''"'the Py- Apoor fl1eep-ftealer is hanged for !l:ealing ofvictuals,compelled perad· :J;~\~A~:;: venture by neceffitie of that intolerable cold, hunger and thirft, to fave ,;.,, h1mfelfe from !l:arving : but a g great man in office,may fecurely rob ~:,C;;:;t;:~ whole provinces,undo th?ufands,pill and pok, 9pprdfe ad libitum, flea, ; Tmprobu.n ; gnnde,tyranmze,mnch himfelf by fpoiles of the Commons,be unconflulrum,ftdi~i- troleable in his actions,and after all, be recompenfed with turgent titles, ~~7 ~~;;;'f:- honoured for hisgood fervice,& no man dare find fault,or h mutterat it. for~iture b... How would our Democrit111 have been affetted,to lee awicked camffe, ~~:rr~~~~b ;~d or ifoole, a v_cry idiot, afonge ,a golden afft, a monjlcr oj men,to hll1:'e ~any ,; co.ri..g!, ... good men,wifemen, learmd men to attend upon lttm w1th all fubmt(sJon,M rtoru>r.,umif- an appendix to hu rrches,forthatn(pe{falone, becau(e he bathmore wealth ~atum '""'",ii andmoney ,k andto honOttr h1m nntbdtvtne tltles,andbumb.ft Epithets ,tG ,~;,:;,"!~.~.: finother him with fumes and eulogies, whom they know to be adizard, menta numif- a fool,a covetous wretch,a beaO:,&c.becartfo he is rich? To fee fob exuviis ::;":,;':""' leonis onagrum, a filthy lothfome carcalfe, a GorgMs head puffed up by k Eorurnq, Je- parafites, affume this unto himfelf, glorious titles, in worrh an infant, a ;'!..(,~~/!': Cuman alfe, a painted fepulchre,an Egypti~ntemple~To fee a with~red am,qui di~inot face,a ~lfeafed, defo:med, cankred complexion,a rotten car~affe,a vrab::~::,:·~:~- rous mmde, and Epicurean foul fet out with orient pear les, Jewels, ia- }.rdiJor & 4 _ dems, perfumes, cunous elaborate workes, as proud of his clothes, as a ,,.,, >gm>(- cluld ofhis new coats; and agoodly perfon ofanangelike divine counte. '"j,";'"h 41 " nance, a faint,an humble miod,ameek fpirit cloathed in rags,beg,& ttO\V ~~;,,~.;~·- ready to be !l:arved~To fee a filly contemptible lloven in apparel,ragged qr10ddim fint. in his coat,politein fpeech, of adivine fpirit,wife~anotherneat incloths, f~;~~:~~·71._ fpruce,full of courtefie, empty of grace,wit,talk non.fenfe~ n.r.ep.U"'"' To fee fo many lawyers, advocates, fo many tribunals, fo little Ju·· '""'""''J'4 '· ftice; fomany Magi!l:rates, folitde care of common good; fo many ~;:~::::,;,,"j,_ Laws, yet never morediforders;Tribunal !itium (egetem,theTribunal ....qu•dior•• a Labyrinth,fo many thoufand fuits in onecourt fometimes,fo violently t';;~,':,';;,.Apo. followedaofeeinjujft(sirnum (;.p< juri pujidente.,, impiumreligioni, •S•lvia""' 1. 3 • tmperttt(stmum eruditioni, otioji[simum labori, mo»ftro(umhumanitat1!, d<pr01iidez·. Tofeealamblexecuted, a wolfepronounce fentence, /atroarraigned,' :!:JZ;{:fl ';~ a~d fUr fit on the bench, the Judge feverely punifh others,and doe worfe public•"'"'"· himfelf,mcundem ji~rtum focere &punire, nrapinam ple{/cre, quum fit Pttr~'f"': tp(e rApt or~ Lawes altered, mitcon!l:rued, interpreted pro and con, as th~ ~; U::(.% 0Judgcis made by friends,bribed,or otherwife affe~ed,as a nofe ofwax, pecu•i• reg- goodtoday,nonctomorrow; orfirme in his opinion, call: inbis~ Sen- --~ . ~