Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D E " o c R 1 T u s to the Reader. tenceprolonged, changed adarbitrium judicis, fiillthefamecafe, Pone pHic arcenwr tbmfl o/11 ofbts inberztance,anotherfaljly pt~t tn byfovoflr,jal(eforged deeds hmditatib"' er wzls~ Incif£ leges ne$ftgrmtur, laws are~1de a~d not kept; or 1f p~t m ~:~!~~;~tt~t execuuon, q they be tome filly ones that are pum{\led•. As put cafe it be f•lfUm con(Utic fornication, the tather Wil dif-mhent or abdicate Ius chtld,qUite cafheere atm,reflamenhim(out villaine be gone,come no more in my fight) a poor man is mife- tumco~rompit, rably tormented with loile of his efiate perhaps, goods, fornmes, good ~;;;,;';,·,:fiJname,for ever difgraced, forfaken, and mull: doe penance to the utrnofi;a ra cotumbas. mortall finne,and yet make the wor!l: ofit,nunq,.idaliud (ecit,faith Trllnio in the' poet, mfi quodfociunt fommu nati genertbtu, he bath done no r Plaut.moj/el. more thenwhat Gentlemen ufually doe. fNeque novMn,peqr.emimm,neqtte [e&Hs quam alii fo!ent . fidem. For in agreat perfon,right worfl1ipfull Sir, a right honourable Grandy, 'tis not avenialllinne, no not a peccadillo, 'tis no offence at all,a common and ordinarie thing,no man takes notice ofit; he ju!l:ifies it in publike,and peradventure brags of it, rluven. sat. 4 • 'Nam quod turpe boni.,Titio,Stioque decebat u <e!Jod rot fint Crtjftmcm -- u Many poore rnen,yonger brothers,J•m&_mendi- &c. by reafon of bad policie, and idle education (for they arelikely ;,;, ::;.~?;,~;~ brought upmno callmg)are compelled ro begge or fieal,and then hang. m.tosimitanrur ed for theft;thenwhich, what can bemore ignominious,non mintU enim ~',fl:;t:';,'~;'l_"' turpe prtnctpi multafopplicia, quam medico mu!ta jimera, 'tisthegover- bent'"' ~erbenours f~ult. Ltbentirls verberant quam docent,as School-mafiers doe,ra. rant,qu<im J.. rher correct their pupils, then teach themwhen they doe amilfe. x They ~~:j,'{;f.~ hAdmore needprovide there Jhould be no more theeves andbeggers, tU they x Vecernuntur oug htwithgoud policie,andtake away the occafio'!s,then let themmn on,M ~::,f:J."(up-CZ. ""' they doe to thezrorvn dejlruilton: root out hkewifethofe caufes ofwrang. pli,ia,quumpalmg,a multitude of l•wyers, & <.:ompofe controverfies, lttes luflrales & ~;';,P~:~;;j~~. J.aulare;, by fome more compendtous means. Whereas now for every nefum finr, no toy and trifle they goe to law, Y .'>bcgitlittbtu infanttmforum,& (,.vit in. euiquam tam vrcem drfcordantium rabies, theyare ready to pull out one anothers :~:~~~~'fi~':,: throats;and forcommodme2 to fquuze hloud, fatth Hrerom, 011t of their ce(rita..ldtm. brothersheart,defame,lye difgrace backbite raile beare falfe witnelfe, Y Borer"' de r er fi!' 'l ' ' dl caugmenrurb 1wear, I Or,wear, g 1t and wrang e, fpend their goo s, ives, 10r- l•b·l·'"P+ tunes,fnends, undoe oneanother,to enrich an Harpy advocate,that preys z Efrarern•. upon them both, and cryes, Eia Socrates, Eia X antippe; or fome corrupt cord• fo•t.••· Judge,that like tbed Kite in.!£fop, while the moufe & frog fought,carried :':::it~~·::;;~ both away· Generally they prey one uponanother as fo many ravenous •' degtubir. bi.rds,brme bea!l:s,devouring lifl1es, no medium, bomnes hie a11t captantur ~;,~;~;~i~i~~ attt captant,attt cadaveraqu.. laccrantur,aut corvi qui lacerant,eitherde- · cetve or be dec_ewed; tear others,or be tome in pieces themfelves; likefo many buckets maW ell,as one rifeth, another falleth, one's emptie,ano· . ther s full; Ius r~meis a ladder to the third; fuch are our ordinary pro- 1:~:/:Ji::' ~eedmgs. What s the market~ A place accordmg to ' Anacharfts, where- atiu,~ cireum111 they cozen oneanother,a trap ;nay, what's the world it [elf~ d A vall: ~enit. Chaos ,a confulionof manners_, as fickle as the ayre, domicilit>m in(apo. ,:,~~~;::::; rum, aturbulent tronp full of impurmes, amart of walking fpirits,gob- emporium, lms, the theatre of hypocrifie, a fl10p of knaverie flatterie, a nurfery thwrum ':YP~>- E z ' of"ifias, <3'<.