Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • " o c R r T u s to the Reader. of villanic, the fcene of babliag,the fchool ofgiddineffe, the acadecaie of 1'iCe; awarfare, tthi velu nolu ("gnandum, aut vinc,uattl fo«umbttO, in which,kill or be killed; wherein everieman is for himfelf, his private ~~~}~~~:.;:: ends,and fiands upon his own guard.No charitie,' love, friendfl1ip, fear dum, "'""J.o- of God,alliance,affinitie,confanguinitie,Chrifiianitie can contain them, ~.'"'}.~'" J•- but if they be any waies offended,orrhat firing ofcommoditiebe touch- :~;"~:;:,;;,' ed,they fallfoule. Old friends become bitterenemiesonafudden, for b";:{':'P:~;; •. tOJ:es and [mall offences,and they that erfi were willing to do all mutuall f Pluta"b.~it. offices of love and kmdne!fe,now revile and perfecute one another to ej... Jnd"'rum death,withmore then V atinian hatred,&will not be reconciled.So long :;~m:;;'~~;';f:astheyarebehovefull, they love or may beHead each other, but when ,;,,qu• ubi there 1s no moregood to be expetled, as they doe by an old dogge,hang f'alla abjlri- him up or cafl1eere him:which · Cato counts agreat indecorum,to ufe men :n":;;:f,m ;;;;, like old fl10es, or broken glalfes,which are flung to the dunghill;hecould "" bDVemft-·not finde in his heart to fell an old oxe, much lelfe to turne away an old "'m w;•d~- fervanr: but they in fiead ofrecompence,revile him, and when they have :;:;';;;:;: ,:;:. •- made him an infirument of their villanie, as g B aj A"'et the fecond Empeil'""''"' Jaborit ror ofthe Turks, did by Acomethes Baffo, make him away, or in fiead of ~]::,;... cum h reward, hate him tothe death, as Stlius wasfervedby T1berim. Ina innum"a illu<• word,every man for h1s own ends.Our (nmmum bonum is commodity,& ~:~!:;~;;;,:; t-hegoddelfc weadore Deamonera,~een money,towhomwe daily ofatiter,int~rfiri ferfacnfice,wh1chlteersourheans, hands,' affechons, all: that moll: JUflit. . powerfulgoddeffe,by whom we are reared,deprelfed,elevated,kefieem- ~ :::t;~fo~t ed, the foie commandreffe ofour actions, for which we pray, run, ride, j[~ ~idcntur go,come,labour,and contend as fillies do for a crum that falleth mto the fol~i poffc, ubi water; It is not worth,venue,wifedome, valour,learning,honefiy,religi- ~:;;~:P~:~;._ on,or any fufficiencie f~r which we_are refpetted,but !money,grearne!_le. tia odium red- office,honour,aurhorme; honeily IS accounted folly; knavene,polic1e; d;ur. Ta~ . m men admired out ofopinion,not as they are,but as they feem to be:fuch ;/}%:;.:~" fllifting,lying,cogging, plotting, counterplotting, temporizing, llatterperuma.saJufl. ing,cofening,dilrembling, "that ofnece(sitie onemuft hzghly offendGod if ~,~;·;;[':m. hebccon{Orm•ble to the world, Cretizare cum Crete, ore!fetive in con- &"<. tempt, dtfgrace,andmiferie. One takes upon him temperance, holinelfe, ~ F.t 6'""' & another aufieritie,a third an affected kind of fimplicitie, when as indeede ~;;::,:'Jf.::~. he,and he, and he, and the refi are' hypocrites, •mbodexters, out-fides, ~antum bJikefomanyturningplctures, alyon on theonefide, alamb on the a- ~~~~";,C":ftr- ther.How wouldDemocritu.r have beenaffectedtofeethefethings ~ · ~at in"""· To fee aman turn himfelfinto all fhapes like a Camelion,or as Protem, 14"'f7babct OmniatransformansJi(e inmiraculareru,to aGt twenty parrsatonce,for ,r: _N,~'·,; p•ri- his advantage, to temporize&varielike M ercurie the Planet,good with ti4 ftdab '!114- good,bad with bad; or all rcligions,humors, inclinations; to fawn like a. :f1~h:~!f:.u~o- Spaniell,mentitir & mimicir obfeq,.iu ,rage like alion,barke like a Curre, <xce/Jenm.c" fight like a dragon,fiing like a ferpenr,as meek as alamb,& yet againgrin -;;';;;;~;~:;')[;like a tygre, weep li~e acrocodile, infult over Come,~ yet o.thers domipoflponit numi- neer over h1m,here comand,there crouch,tyranmze mone place, bebana turro, M<r- fled in another, awifeman at home,a fool abroad to make others merry. eator. Ut ntcrff<!' itu_n fit 'IJd 'Du difplicert ,'1Jtl4h hominib@ conttmni,'IJtxari, ntgligi. a ~i Curiqf fimMl411t <:r B"'~ "" 'V111Unt. b, Trllf.elapbo fimilet 'fJtl 'UtQUril, [urfom bomilllt, Mor{Um c{Ut. Tll