Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c ,.. 1 Tu s t• the Readtr. 37 To fee fo much difference betwixt words and deeds, fo many parafanges betwixt tongue and heart,menlike fiage- players act variety ofparrs, 'Pweptir fil· 'give good precepts to others, fore aloft,whilfi they them Idves grovel!~'~~~'::,,~{.; .. on the ground. , tmm pul'IJ~rtt To fee a rmn pmteft .friendlhip,kilfe hishand, d quem '!'a!lettrunwum :~~':;;;:,<~•• '[)idtre c fmrle wtth anmtent to doe mrfchref,or cozen hrm whom he fa- d<O£"'" silv. lutes ,: magnifie his friend unworthie with hyperbolical! elogiums; his' A"idere h':' ' 'l'fi dd·r h' llb' -"' mmuutf•~•- enemyalbeitagoodman,tOVli ean. ugrace im,yeaa rsa...wns,..,,blandiriut with the mmoft livor and malrce can mvent. fallant. cyp.ad To fee a f fervant able to buy out his Mall er, him that carries the mace;'[..'"";; h more worth then theMagifirate, which Plato lib. u. dtleg. ab[olutely "' Lk~ '"' ~~ ~orbids, Epifittm abhors.An horfethat ~ils thegland fed withchaffe, an ~;:~t,:hn~, rdlejadc have provender m abundan~e;hrm th~t makes lhoes go barefoot <he one ,;;,hihimfelf, him that fds meat almoft pined; a torlmg drudge ftarve,a drone ~~~~;~:ff;hcc flounfh. f Miniflri Jocu· To fee men buy fmokdorwares, cafiles built with fooles heads, men pletiorer iir lilte apes follow the fathions, in tires,gellures,actions: ifthe King laugh, J;''b"' miniall laugh; hRideH majortchachinno m:]:~;;~:~'" C~ncu.titur,flet Ji lachrimJH confiexit amici. b~enrqu.1m i Altxan_dtr fiouped, fo did his Courtiers; :ttphonf"" turned his head,a~d~·~,";;""" [o did hrs parafites. k S •bma Poppca, Nero s wrfe, wore amber-colour d "I""' equi P•· hair, fo did all the Rom.cn Ladies inaninllam; her falhion was theirs. leir P•flunrur• .To f~e men wholly led by.affection, admiredand cenfured out ofopi- t:~;'~~~:~.r== nron WithoutJudgement: anmconfideratemulmude, hk.e fo many dogsginantur, dr(- in a vilbge,ifone barkall bark without a caufe:as fortunes fan turns, if a :~~::i~/:~: man be m favour, or commended by fome great one, all the world ap- m aliir f•<it. plauds him; I ifin difgrace,in an infiant all hate him, &as atthe Sun when h Ju~'"· . he is eclipfed,that erft took. no notice,nowgaze and ftare upon him. ~:::.:.~;:,;,•·4• To fee aman m wear his brains in his belly, his gmsinhishead, an kPiiniu<lih.; 7 . hundred oakes on his back,to devour an r oo oxen at ameale, naymore, ~·t;.· "filios to devoure houfes and towns, or as thofe AnthropophAgi, n to eate one a•• =.,:~.;:::~ef•· 00thcr. lfum Ut omnel Tofeeamanrollhimfelfuplikea fnowball, from bafe beggery toP"1:~•ml(7f••• right woralipfulland right honourable titles,injufi!yto fcrewhimfelfin- ~§-.~.,;:."' to honours and offices;another to ftarve his gemm, damne his foul toga. I OJrr J<mt14t" ther wea!t?, w~ich he lhall not enjoy ,o which his pr6digall fon melts and !::."Agript• ep. confumesmanmllanr. >S.I.7. ""i!;•- To fee the .... (.,r., ofourtim.es,a man ~end all his forces,means,time,;ft7:~:!;~;: fortunes to be afavomes,f:womes,favome,&c .a parafites,parafites,pa-iugeniuminpi' rafite,that may fcorn the fervileworld,as having enough alreadie. tinu. Tofee an hirfute beggars brat, that lately fed onfcraps, crep!and~,;[~·~;·~,. whm'd,cryingto all,and for an old jerkin ran of errands, now ruflle inpbsb,.,J filk and fmen, bravely mounred,jovialland polite, now fcorn his old~,1~:t~~­ fnends and familiars, neglect his kindred, infult over his betters, domi- nior fervat• neer over alt ctntum claviTo fee ~ fcholarcrouch andcreeptoanilliterate pefantfora meales~7~~;;;~f!• meat; a fcnvener better paid for an obhgauon; a faulkner rece•vegreater men~ii Juperbo. wages then a ltudent: a lawyer get more in aday then a philofopher in af,;;~t~':h:~­ year,