Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D E " o c R I ·r u s to the Reader. 45 yet as calig er ur.braides Homers Mufe,NIItricem tn{an.t [apienti • ,a uur- a Hypocrir. ferie of madnefle, b Impudent as a Court Lad1e,tbat blufhes at noclung. bUr muti" auJacobus Myci!lm, GtlberttH Cognatus, Erafmus, and almofl:all pollericie~::,.•uUw"puadmire Lucians luxunant Wit, yet ScaltgerreJeCts h1m m Ius cenfure,and cals h1m the Ccrberus of the Mufes. Socrates whom all the world fo much ma<>nified, is by Lac1antius and Theodoret condemned for a foole. p/utarch ~xtolsSeneca's wit beyond all the Grceks,nulli fecundM,yet'Se- cF.pifl.l)· neea faith ofhimfelf, when I would folaccmy (elf wtth afool,I reflect upon 'JJ,~":,:~;~: myfelf,andthere I have him. Cardan in his 16 book of Subttlties,reckons nonejllonge up twelve fupereminent,acute Pbilo(ophers,for worrh,(ubciltie i1c wife- ~J::."''"· "'' dom: Archimedes,Galen,Vitruvius, Archit,u Tarcntim1s ,E~tclide ,Geber, that fir!l inventer of Al'{cbra; Alkindusthe Mathematician, both Arabi. nns ,with others.But his trtumviri terramm,far beyond the refl:,are Ptolom£11s,rlotinus ,Hyppocrates. Sc.liger cxercttat.!>4· fcoffes at this cenfure ofhis,cals fome of them carpenters andmechanitians,he makes G ,._ . /en jimbriam Hyppmatu,a skirt ofHyppocrates:and thefaid clCardanhim- ;,:J,~~::,:";;,. felt elfewhere condemns both Gal en andHyppocrates for ted10ufneLfe, c Lib. de oaufir obfcuritie,confufion.J'araceljles wil have them both me ere idiots,infants mrupt.artium. in phyfick and philofophie. S caltger and Car~an admire S~ti/fot theCaL j.;~;~:: ~~al. cul<tor •'I'" pene mod11m cxceflrt humam rngemr, and yet cLod. Vtves cals fol , »6. them nug,u Sui {fit: ~tU: and Cardan oppofite to himfelf inanother place, ~ ~~; ~~.{:'P· contemns thofe ancients m refpeCt of nmes prefenr, 1 M •Jore(que noftros homo; quia road pr.zjintes co!latos jufte pueros appcllari. In conclufion the faid g Cardan tumejlvanit~•· and Saint Bernard will admit none into this Catalogue ofwifemen, h but ;:;~:tz'~:~·· only Prophets and Apofiles; how theyefl:eeme themfelves, you have ria,quicquidfaheard before. We areworldly-wife, ~dmire our fel vcs,. and feek for ap- 4:,'·,~~~~:,~­ ~laufe: but hear Samt 'Bernard,quanto magufor as es (apuns, tanfP magu fol!m quodpr.. mtusftultus efficeru, &c. tn ommbus es prudens, circa tc;p{rem mjipten; :pm V"'"'f"' the more wife thou ~rt to others, themore foole to thy_felf. I may not{.;.~:~~· mrdeny but that there IS fomefolly approved, a divine fune, a holy mad- iln> PlatMis ne!fe, even a fpirituall drunkenne!fe in the Saints of God themfdves ;dial.> .dej•fl•· Sanc1aminfonia · Bmwd cals it (though not as bl2fpheming k Vorftius, "J::::,~;"',.(p' would inferre it as a paffion incident to God himfelf, but) familiar to rev.ero ponit. good men,as that of J'at~l,z Cor. hewas afool,&c.and Rom.9.he wifherh 1 r;g···~"1·~ himfelf to be anathematizedfor them. Such is that drunkenne!fe which;,:,£;':~';;. Ficimu fpcaks of, when the foule is elevated andravifhed with a divine tared'"''"'· ta!teof that hea_venly Nectar, which Poets de,:iphered by the facrifice ~~'ftifaJ.•o+ of Dronyjitts,& 10 thts fenfe with the Poet 1 infonire lubet, as At~ftin ex- olu Pl•ronu horts us, ad ebrietatem (e quifqueparet, let's all bemad and m drunk. But Tim. [a<erk• we commonly mifl:ake, and goe beyond our commiffion, we reele to the ~!{.J>,:~'rg .. oppofite part," we arenotcapable ofit, 0 andas he faid oftheGreeks, Vosi•fonum. . Gr .ect fompcr pum,vos Brttanni,Ga!li ,Germ•ni,Itali,&c. you areacorn: ~,~:~::tj';i;, ~~fu~ --~ Proceed now a partihus ad totum, or from the whole to parrs,and you To}'.lil>. ' ·•·8 • fhal~finde nomheri 'lue, thepansfhall befufficienrlydilatedin this fot-!'Ji!:~~f?· lowmg Pref.1ce. Th: whole mull: needs fol10w by a Sorites or induCii- <19' .'""·'·B,n•• on.Every mulmude 1s mad, P be!lt~a multorum ca•itttm precipitate and •fl ;•di"""' '" fh .h ·d . I ' '1/Uil.O. ra Wit out JU gemenr,ftultt~m ·ammal, a roaring rout .1Roger Bacon F 3 proves