Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R r l' u s td the Reader. 57 Lawes made againll them, to rej)rdfe thofe innumerable brawl~. and Law-fitits, excef!"e in Apparell,DJet, decay of l_"lllage, Depopulanons, ._ &guJi~••~ . "efpee1ally aaamll Rogues, Beggars, Algypnan Vagabonds (Coter-ra~unonrflexroed at leall) ;hich have ' [warmed all over Germany,France,Italy, .~o- ermermperiJand, as you may reade in b Munfter, Cranzi«< and Aventi~tu; as thofe ;.~;:;~~::_" Tartars and .ArAbiansat thtsday do m the Eallerne counmes: Yetfuch tor.N,nefl hath beene the iniquity ofall ages,as it feemes to fmal) purpofe.N emo in ;:~:f:.":;f4 nojlr; civitate mendicus efto, fatth Plato, he wlll have them purged from cujlos.ldem. a c Common-wealth, d .u abad humour from the body, that arelikefo m a- • c,g.~;'.' h.. ny Ulcers and Boiles, and mull be cured before the Melancholy body ~~·::c;~I't~: canbe eafed. immuw •Jtflt, What Carolr« M agmu, the Chine(e, the Spaniards, the Duke of Saxo- t••• "'fU•J•rtll. .wy,and many other ltateshavedecreed in this cafe,reade Arnifemcap. r 9 ':J:.'"'""""• 8oter114lsbro 8. <ap. z. oforim de Rebtu gejf. Eman. lib. 11. When ab C'f»>og.I.J· countrey isover-fiorcd with people, as a pafiure is oft over-laid with ~"/;:;, •. Hau~ catt!e,they had wont informer times to disburden themfelves, by fend- mi~"'-'orpia ing out colonies, or by warres,_ as thofeold RomaneJ, or by employing f-:~:~;.7;:~",. · them at home about fome pubhque buddmgs, as Bndges,Rode-wayes, med"o >lulr• for which thofe Romanes were famous in this Illand : As Auguftu; C.ejitr fu•er• : . did in Rome;thespaniards in their Indian Mines: 'Aqueducts, Bridges, ·;:;ft;~~":,. Havens, thofe fiupend workes of Trdjan, ct.reditu at I Oftzum, Ft<cimu pcre(' <.de Lac111, that Prr.eum in Athms, made by Themijlsc!es ,Amphitheatrums of leg. omm~ul<. curious Marble,as at Vmna,Cwita<Phi!tppt,&HeYAclea in Thrace,tho[e :x;:;~;;r.:.· .Apptan and Flaminian wayes, prodigious workes all maywimelfe: And AJmiroP~da. . rather then they lhould beg idle,asthofe h Algyptian p,}araohs,Mteris and :;z::;.i:/;,S';· Se(oflris did,totask their fubjectsto build unnecelfary Pyramides, Obe- nw"' ,.;6. liskes,Labyrinths,Cbanels, Lakes, Gygantian works all, to divert them J. tit •g•jl•ti . from Rebellion,Riot,Drunkenndfe, i ~o ftilim alantur ,& ne vagando ~':'::,~,;;,:.: Jaborarede(uefcant. opifoia cmdi{- Another eye-fore is that want o.fconduct and navigable dvers,a great j,:;;:;,;z;:,:• . blemtfiJ, ask Boterllf, 1 Htppolttus a Co!ltbMsj and other Pohttctans hold, Bodin t.G.e.i. , if it be neglected in a Commcm-wealth, Admirable cofi and charge is l/Um.6,r. beHowedin the Low-Countries on this behalfe, in the Dutchy of Mtl- ~Y:':l:x'7:f·· lan, Territory ofPadua in m Franct, Italy, China, and fo likewife abouv g<m pro,.ur~ .. corrivations ofWaters to moifien and refrefi1 barren Grounds, to drean (~~;;;,';~. Fennes~ Bogges, andMoores. Mafszmffa made manymward parts of •urationem · Barbarte, andNumidia in vljfricke before his time incult and horrid rtdduenrondo fruirfull and barcable by this_ m~anes: C!reat induH_ry is_generally ufed ~~":;.:;:r;,.q .. allovertheEa,fierneCountnes m thtskmde, efpectallym Algyftabom eurfopolir. · Baby/on and Dam~fcus,_ as Vtrtomannus and n Gotardus vlrthus relate; J."{;:: .. .teinab~ut Berc~lona? S~govta,a~d many other placesofSpazne: by reafonof"'"'· Ur>. , whtch, thetr Sot!e IS much tmproved, and infinite commodities arife to eap. 6.. the inhabitants. 1 1 cap. f. 4 Th T1 k fl rnerem.urb, . e . ur es o ate attempted to cut that Iftm~s betwixtAfticke and~ ftrnn•• Ajia, whtch 0 Se(oftru and Darius and fome Pharaohs of Alf'J'J'I had for- tae.,,au, 111""· l d k b . h 'll fi ' n . d . ~ allutt. mer y un crta en, utwtt 1 _ucce e,asP Dto orus Stculus records,aad mlncrt4iJill71t comm11J~tatem_ 1.1el1u~J mertt~m tres ft.uvu n•":"!abtles~ &c: Boterru de Ga/li. . n Herodot•. . o lnd.Orienr cap.:.:· Rotam tll medro flumt~ conftttullnt ,cut ex peUtbw.. asimalium 'on[utor utercs appeNJ,.nt ,hi Jum rot41n"eturAf~ · ltr '4nqlct}t:$'&. p 'enlum pcaes 14t4 jojf{l.~o.•lta. •' H I'lin1