Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R r Tu s to t!Je Reader. ~.~~'f'~;~h;~ Plmy ,for that the Red-fea being three q cubitsJ1igher then ~Egypt, would med<twho have drowned all the Coumry,c.epto dejfiterant, they left off; yer as the holds <he fu- fame ' Diodorus writes , Ptolomy renewed the workemany yea re~ after, ~::~~e:~cf1~n and abfolved it in a more opportune place. · r w. '·'"P·l· T,hat Ijfmos of Corinth was likewife undertaken to bemade navigable . by Demetrius ,by Iulius C.e(ar,Nero,Domitian, Herodes Atticus ,romake ~;:;,';/~~[<>- a fpeedy 'paffage, and leffedangerous, from the Ionian and lEgean feas; Gerbeli,.Mun- but becaufe lt could not be fo well effeCted, the Pelsponejians built awall (lu.Cofin.tib. likeour Pi[ls wall,about Sch"nunt<, where Neptunes Temple llood,and ;;;:,f;;j;:, in theflJOrtcll cutoverthe!ftmos,ofwhichDiodor:'•lib.r r .Herodotmlib; ,..vigorio & S.Vran. OurlaterwmerscallltHexamtitttm,wlucbAmuraththeTurke """'"pericu- demoliilied,theVenetiAm anno 145 3· repaired in 15. daieswirb 3oooo. ''fil· meJJ. Thuanus andSerres the French Hillorians, fpeake of a famous Aqueduct in France ,intended in Henry the fourths time, from the Loyre 10 theSeine,andfromRodamu roLoyre. Theliketo which,was formerly afb charta"" fayed by Domitian the Emperor, hfromArar to Molfella,.w hich Cornelitu f:,~~\~:::':k':'" Tacitus [peaks ofin the I 3. of his Annals, after by Charles the grea! and achonell fwm others.Much coil bath in former times been bellowed in either newma- :,:i/;!.'8;~•- king or mending chaneis.ofrivers, and their paffages, (as .Attreliana< did PirT(imcru. de- by Tybur, ro make itnav1gable to Rome, to conveycome from .&gypt m ~~f~;~:';rc the city, vadHm alvei tttmentis ejfodit, faith Vopiftm, & TyGuru rip a< ex_ yet fcen about truxtt,he cut foords,made banks,&c.) decayed havens, whtch Clafloduf4. We.fftnber~ theEmperour with infinite painesand e.harges attempted atOjfia? a$1i !~0_;1~~~:'6 have [aid, The Ve?etzans. :tt this ~ay.to·preferve th6r City : ~any excelfirnaviga&ilialenr meanes to ennch the1r Terrltones, have beene. foll:ered, mvenreclin inwftOc<i- moll Provinces of Europe, asplaming fome Indian plams amongllus, :;;~~.: 1fr'!;_ Silk-wormes,'the very Mulberry lea.ves.inthe Plaines of Granado,yeeld iajierm. - 3-oooo. crow!l!:s per anmtm, to the kin&of Spaincs coffers, befides rhofe 'c;M•g<_""" many trades and artificers that are bufied about them in the kingdom~of ;:;~1;,,.,, Granado,Murcia, andalloverS'paine. In France a greatbenefitiHaifed , r~.Htlvtt:. byfalt,&c. Whether thefe things might' not he as happily attempted 1 ' ·'· defct•itt. with us, and with like fuccefle, it may be controverted: Silk-wormes - (I meane) Vines,Fir-trees,&c.Carda~>exhorts Edwardthelixrh to plant Olives,and is fully per[waded they would profper in this Ifland. Widl' us~navigable rivers aremoll part neglect€d; our fireames :~re not.great, I confefle,by rea[on ofthe narrownes.ofthe Ifland,yet they run fmoothl,y and even, not headlong,[wifr,or amongll rocks andilielves,as foming Jlhodantu, andLoyre m France, Ty.grntnMe{opotamM, ViOlent DurirH> in Spaine, with'Cataracts and whirlepooles a>the Rhine ,and D,mubim, about shaphauftn, Lt~~<fenbu~gh,Lin:::..,and Cremmes ,to endangerMviga-- tors;ar broad.'fhallow,as Neckarin rhePalatinat,Tibrir-it]Jt4ly;but calm andfair-asArar inFrance,llebxm inMacedpnia, Eurottf4 ioLaconia, t!Myr gently glide along,and might as well be repaired many ofthem (I meatu: dCamJeH in: f.,in&oln}hiie .. Fojfedi~c. "'l'l=<S. A!Loas. · Wit, Trent, Ott-ft, Tlwmjis at Oxford, the:defeC!of which wefeeleinthe meane time )a~ the riYer of Lee from Wareto.London. B. v!twater ofo!(!, arasfomewiHHtmy I. dmadeachanell'fromTrmH~Lintolne, navigable; which now, faith M•. CamJen,isdecayed, and muchmentionis madeofanchors,& fuch like monuments found about old* verulamium, '· . good