Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R. I -r u s lp the Reader. good {hips have formerly come to Exeter, and many fuch places, whofe Chanels Havens,Ports are nc,wbarred and reJected. Wecontemne this benefit o'fcarriage by waters,& are therfore compelled in the il)ner parts ofthis I{land,becaufeportageis[o dear, to eat up our commodities our felves,and live lik~ fo many boars in a fiy,forWant ofvent and Utterance. we have many excellent havens,royall hi!Vens,F almouth,Port{mottth, Mi!ford,&c. equivalcnr,ifnotto be preferred ~o that I11d~anH av_ana, old J3rundufium in Itnly, Aulu m Greece,Ambra&lalhAcarnama,SudainCrete, which h~ve few lhips in them, little or no tr-affioke ortrade, which have fcarce avillage on them, able to bearegreat cities,fld viderint politici. I could here jufily raxemany other negleets, ab'ufes, errors,dcfectsainong us ,and in other countries,depopulations;tiot,drunkennelfe,&c. &many [uch,qu.enunc inaurem fufi~rrare nonlibet. :But I mull take h~ed, nequid gravim dteam,that I donotoverlhoot my [elf,Sll<Mme!vam,I am forth ofmy elemem,asyou peradventure fuppofe; and fomcnmes vmtt# odtum par it, as he [a!d,ver]Utee nndMtmeale u good for aP arret. We have good !awes,I deny not,to reetifie fuch enormiti-es, and fo in all other countries, but it feemes not alwayes togood purpofe. We had need offomegenerall vifitorin our age,that lhould reform what is amifs; a juft army of Rojie cro!Iemen,for they wil amend all mattet·s,(they fay) 59 ··~ ··. -, J religion,policy,manners,with arrs,fciences,&c. AnothetAtttla, Tamber- /ane,Hercules ,to firive with Achelom,Auge.eftabulumpurgare,to fubdue tyrants,as' he did Diomeiles and Bujiru:ro expell theeves;as be did Caetu e Lifius Giral4. and Lacinim: to vindicate poote t:ipdves, as he did Hcfion.e :eo palfe the Nawmes~ Torrid Zone,the deferts of Lybta, and purge !he world of lfionHetS and Centaurts :Or another Thcban Grans to refotmeour manners, to compofe quarrels andcontroverfies,as in his time he did, and was therefore . . adored for agod m Athens. AsHtrtules f purgedtheworldofMonfters, & f Apuleu" !<h. . fobdtted them,fo didhefight againft envy ,l~<ft,anger ,avarice,&c.&ai thofl ~;f!;~~~;taftrAII vices andmonfters oft he mind e. It were to bewilhed we bad fome homines""'" fuch vifitor,or !f wilhing would ferve,one h.ad fuch·a ring or rings,as Ti- 1}:,7.'':/:~;~;, mol•mdefired mgLrman,by vertue ofwh1chhe lhould be as"firong as&' jurgi"u111 I oooo.men,oran army ofgyanrs,go invifibleApen gates & caftledoors inre> proJ>inhave what treafure he wou!d, tranfpott himfeltc in ah irifiant, to what l[:.;;~!~~e-. placehe defired,alter atfe6hons;cure.all rnan{ler ofd1feafes,tliat hemight Ad•erf.. ;,,_ range ov.ettheworld, ~nd teformealldifirelfe~ lhtes and perfans, as he;;;;~~~,;;';~;: would h1mfelfe. Hertughtuduoethofewand.rmgTart.irSlaorder, that am, libidinem; infeft China on the one fide,Mufcovy, Poland on theother; and tamethe «rera<j, ·~i.mi • 'Vagabond Arabians that rob & fp<iilerhofeE'ifleriie~ountrles, that they~'":.:~;;~· lhould neverufe ~Ot·e Caravans;or lamfories td conduct then'i,Hemight Philo(opb.. ifti root out Barbanftne out ofAmtfi~a, and fully difcover Temt Auftralu ~:;;::•:!:"· ln~ognlta,findeoutthe Norrh-eafi and Notth-wefi palfages,dreanthofe menrib~«mgit m1ghty M.tiJttan fennes, cut down thofe vall:· Hircinian woods, irrigate , •• ,,&,. . . thofe barten Arabiandeferrs, &c. cure us of our Epidemicall difeafes g ""•N•wg._ Scorbutnm, Plica, morbru Neapolrtantu, ·&c. end all our idle contr.over~ fies,£ut olfour tumultuous defires, inotilinate lufis, root out atheifme, impiety, herefie, fchifme and fuperfiition, which now [o cruciiie the world: cat~hifegtoll'eignoran~e,purgeJt•ry ofluxuryand riot; Spaine · H1 ~