Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R I Tu s te the Reader. 77 critm dixit: you mull confider what it isto fpeake in ones owne or ano. thers perfon,an alfumed habit and name; a dilf~rence betwixt him that af~ fects or acts a Princes, aPh!lofophers, a Mag1frrates, a Foolesparr,_ ~nd him that is fo indeed; and whathberty thofe old Satynfishave bad,1t1Sa Cent~ collected fromothers, not !,but they that fay it•. sDixero {iquidforte jocofim, hoc mihi juris_ Cum ven.ta dab is-~ Takeheed you mifrake me not. If I doe a little forge!! my felfe, I ho~e you will pa~·don it: And to fay truth,why 010uld ~ny man-be elfended, or take excepnons at lt ~ . . . . . ---· Ltcmt, ftmperque ltcebtt, P arcereper(rmi!,dicere de vitiis. It lawful! was ofold, and frill will be, 'I gHor.sar.4.t.s: ., .:--.. ::u·~~-·>41 · To fpeake of vi~e, burletthe name go~ free: . . hEpi. al"iYor~ .I hatethmv1ces,not thm perfons. Ifany be d1fpleafed,ortalie oughtun. piumde Moria. to himfelfe,let him not expofiulateor cavill with him that faid it (fo did Jiq~/&iam '}'fir · r le · r; 1· . ) d f<Haatur & •· h Erafmus excute h1m1e 1e to Dorpuu •J' parva tcet componere magnu an hi vimlicer, ""' fa doei ;bllt let himbe angry with h, mfeifo, thAt[o betrayed and opened hi; habet quod exorvnefoults in applying it to htm(eifo : i Ijhe be gmlty anddeflrveit, let him P'fljier ;m" ~mend whoever he is, andnot beangry. He that hateth correc1ion-i; aJoule, '}':fi ~~&,:';.:f-. J'rov. u . 1 • Ifhe be notguilty, it concernes him not ~it_ is not my freenelfe ':t':m~t~' ,;1•-'. offpeech, but agutlty c_onfc1ence, agauled ba~ke ofrh1s-owne that 111akes foi prod~or,qul him winch. dectara•Jit hoc S11(fitionefi ~"iurrahit foJ, . . · , ;:/J!;:r.. Etraftet ad (c, q~<ad ertt c_ommuneomml(t}J, iSiquu fit~·· Stultt nudabtt antmz con[cunttllm. {Umdamabir~ I deny not this which I havefaid f.woursa littleof~e~~critm; k2.f!_amvil :'::p~:"!:,j-;:_i­ .rtdentem dtcere vemmqutdvetat; one may fpeake ln'Jefi, and yet fpeake am,atir ""• ·truth. It is fomewhat tart, I grant it;_ Mriora oreximexcitant emb•mm4ta, ~r"'':;i:•Jr. as hefa1d,lharp faucesmcreafeappeme, FJ. fop. lNeccibll4 ipfejt~vAfmorfufrat<dattu areti. kH"· Objedthen a_nd cavill wha: thou wilt, I ward all with m·Democritm·buck. ~~~'{;],;';: .Icr,hts medtcme OJJ!I falve1t; finke where thou wilt, and whemDemocri- riot, abftelg~;, ~"" d~xit, Democritus will anfwer it. It was mitten by an idle fellow, at ~Mfl'b.~~'blo­ !dlerunes,aboutour SaturnalranorDtonyjian-feafts, when as he fa1d, mtl- n•JI.Jlicoru":.'· •lumlibertatt_perzmlum eft, fervanrs mold Rome had-llberty to fay and doe"d'a'f.'"J!iv;;.: whatthcm!Ifr. When our countrymen facri'ficed to their <>oddelfen ra. "'~/.'b"' & •·. d r . I. b h . fi b . '"'" putdha- ~"nA, an _1atenp mg y .t m racuna/1 res, I w~itthis,and publilhedthfs rur,cuipoflt.._ "''""'Y-'' It JS Jumznu mhrl. The time,place, perfons,and all circuml!ances borer agricot• apologize for me, and why may_I not then be idlewith others~ fpeake tny ;;;;;{~~~~ ,: mmde free!ye Ifyou deny me th1s hberry, upon thefe prefumptions Iwill ovid.t.6, Faft' .takeu:Ifay agame,I wllltakeit. . . . j;;,;,;:,:~':,"' 0 S tqrns eft 9"' dtflummft mclementius focra ra!"", E.xijftma'".Jtt e([e,fic exiftimet. .Ante Y4CllnaIfany man take exceptions, let him turne the buckle of his girdle, I care !~~fj.'i.ft· ~t. I owe thee nothing, (Reader) Ilookfor no favour at thy bands, I am B.ofi'!.:"'· mdependcnr,I feare nor, o Ter.prol.Eu~ K3 No;••b.