Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

The Epillle to the Reader. their former Writings, wherefoever in the world the Reformed Religion bath a place. 'Tis true, they have this difadvantage, That they come abroad not fent by their own Parents, or polifhed by their laft file for publick View, but as they were ta- ken in Short-hand-Writing from their mouths, were thruft forth into the world by feveral hands, imperfet, fcattered , and by piece-meal, without a due regard had either to the credit of the Authors, or benefit of theReaders. To both which we have in this Colley on endeavored to doall the right that in this cafe they are capable of, by a ferious Review of the whole Work, and amendment of thofe grofs Abfurdities and Errata's, which by the ignorance or negligence of the Publisher or Printer were too frequent in thofe former Editions 5, . and by difpofing it into filch a method,order, and Vo lume, as may make it a Book as much ufeful, as it bath. been, and is &fired Thy CbriflianFriends, L. R. S. N. The