Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

sfrfriMPTTTIMFAT:TTVE:T The Epitile to the E A. D E R chriftianReader, T is very obvious to Obrervation, that there are manygood fober Chriftians, whole long continu- anceunder the' Miniftryof their late Pafirors, their zealous Affection to them, and now Separation from them, hath begotten in their Spirits fuch Averfion and Prejudice towards their prefent Teach- ers,--as that they even nauceat their Minifterial Per- formances as unfavoury (yea unwholefom) food : Of which number, ifthou (Chriftian Reader) be one, (not prefuming to judge anothers mans Conrcience we only fay, That thou haft great caufe to biers God, who in this condition hath not left thee wholly deflitute, but that though thou canfl not (as formerly) draw from the Fountain-head thole pleafaut Waters wherein thy Soul delighted, yet thou haft here a Repofitory, a fmall Ciftern of them preferved for thy ufe and Store : That though Authority bath thought fit to debar there Mini- fters the Pulpit, yet there is this liberty of the Preis, That though dead (inLaw) yet they can thus fpeak, andbe permitted to communicate there their lafl Le- gacies as fo many Teflimonies of their Paftoral Lcve and Care to theirfeveral People ; whole Infirudion in the wayes of Peace and Holiners, wedare avouch to be the chief caufe both of their Preaching and Printing. For the Sermons themfelves, we conceive they need not our Encomium or Apology ; they hlve tor their Pals-port their Authors names, inoft of them known by tnei r