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.96 bath reeeived,he cAn eafily fee through the difficultiesofall that yet are before him. He can tell how to reconcile thole things in Scrip- ture that Teem contradiaions:where he nieetsvvith a difficulty,he can eafily difcern the caure is in him felt; and that there is an undoubted way of reconciling them, though he bath not attained to it. He can eafily quiet his foul under the moll difficult providences, and inter- pret them Co as is confiftant with the truths of God, which mull ex, pound them : he reconciles prov idence with providence, and pro- vidence with Scripture : whereasa weak Chriftian is ready to fay, A hard faying, who can bear this and that ? And 'cis the difficulty of theekinds of Truths that make fo many turn their Religion be- caule not able to digefi the hardeffTruths ofGod. C roffe provi- deuces makes them queftion Gods love , &c. 4. He is one that can exercife various graces without lettingone againft another, deffeoying or contradiffingone another. He can domany works, believe many truths, perform many duties at once. He can rejoyce and forrow at once, and make his forrow a help to his joy , and his joy a help to his forrow , and fo exercife both in that nature as will not dirthly hinder or weaken one another. He , can tell how in fuch a time as we are in to rejoyce , yet to be hum- ble : to he calf down at Gods feet in the fence of the fins we have Committed, and ofGods difpleafilre,&c. yet to rejoyce in the mer- cies we have, and do expe& to poffeffe. He doth not look all upon fin, all upon affli&ion, or all upon mercy ; but can eye every thing, and give every thing its part : can exercife grace methodically, give truths and providences their proper place in his meditations and affthions : and this makes his lifeorderly, beautiful , regular, and Melia : whereas a weak Chriftian , let him Pet -himselfagainft one temptation, he is taken in another; ifhe humble himrelf in foul; he can do nothing but humble, weep,grieve fear, and be ready to raft away all comfort, all fence of the love ofGod : if he fet him- felfto the confiderationofthe grace ofChrift , he is apt to forget Humiliation,and to hepuffed up with Spiritual pride, &c. Thus he lath not skill, ftrength, and ability to carry on all the whole work ofgrace together. 5. A ftrong Chriftian finks not under thole burdens that would prefs clown and overwhelm a weak Chriftian : he can bear heavy burdens, and more eafily away with them,making it a recreation to bear fome things that another would fink under., and cannot bear. 'Tis thy weakneffe that makes thee make fuch a ftirr , when God layes on thee perfonal, family, publick afiii6tions, that makes thee Ehrink under them : ftrength of grace would enable thee to fee God and Mr. Baxter's Sermon,