Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augufl 17. r66/. 97 and glory in themidi' of them, and tofay,allfhall workfor my good it would enable thee to get advantage , andbe bettered by them. Hadit thou ftrength enough to improve thein,thou wouldit takecom- fort from them, and (*appall thy felf under them : but when thou hail not ftrength enough to underftand Gods meaning, to fee the duty then called for, to improveall for God, to dO that fervice to God thou fhouldft do in filch a condition, no wonder if thou have not grace to fupport and comfort thee in that condition. Whereas the the confirmed Chriflian by strong faith, love andpatience can carry great burdens, &c. 6. Ishelpful to many, and troublefom unto few. They are the rife ful perfons in the family and place where they live ; it is they can counfel others in their doubts, help them in their ftraits ; that can bear up the weak when ready to fink, that can hold others by the armwhen notable to go upright ; that tend Gods little ones : and if it werenot for thefe, what would Gods little ones do ? They are fo fur nified withpatience, which God bath given them for the rife of Weak Ones in his Family, and though they are troubleforn, or do that Which might be a difturbance to him , they will not thruft them out ; it is they that comfort the feeble,fupport, provide for, flrengthen, and confirm the reft ; and were it not for thee, what backfliding hearts fhould we have ? &c. And they are comparative- ly trt.mblefome to few, (though, while corruption cleaves to them, they (hall fometimes : ) It is not that they are centring their bre- thren,- that are flirting up divifion, and make all that feud that is in the` hurch. I f they might be hearkned unto and regarded,there would be quietnels and compofure (for if ever there be peace, it will be by the ftrong ones : ) But weak ones in grace are the bur- dens and troublers of the Family: you may know they are the weak ones inGods houle, in that they are thole that are alwayes crying,. complaining, making fire-work in a Family, backbiting, cen luring their brethren, quarreling withone another, fizt. There peevifh, troublefom fouls are the weak ones, &c. 7. The ftrongeft in Grace are the belt able to Rand, work, and fuffer alone. Though in duty they fhould- not be alone when they can have fociety, and though the ref are moll humble, diet efore are fenfible they have need ofothers, and will not throw away any of their helps ; yet ifall forfake them, they will hand to it fill : they go not to heaven meerly for company fake : they be not Chriftians meerly becaufe fuch and filch are Chriftians : Ifall the world for- fake Chrift, they will flick to him, unlefs Chrift leave them to .their own weaknefs. But the weak Chriftian bath a great deal more need 0 of