Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augurt 17. 1662. TOI taining and improvingof the truths you knewat fira; as the health -of a man cOinifts not in having every day varietyof food, but in the partaking and digeftion of the fame food, that's fitteft for him : get but a more perfe& conviaion, or concottion of what you knew before, and this is your growth. You may grow in the knowledge ofGods attributes by knowing them more clearly, orderly,diftiat- ly, fatisfa6torily and believingly then before. There is a world of difference in the manner of knowledge, between a dark and clear knowing thing,; : grow in a greater love to them, and greater skill in entertainment, improvement, and praftile of them. 4. Grow downward in humility, and inward in the knowledge ofyour felves : and above all, maintain a conftant abhorrence and jealoufieof the fin of pride : grow in humility2 and fly from man ; keep a conftant apprehenfion of your unworthinelS and weaknes, ofthe odioufhefs and danger of fin, of fpiritual pride (fo called, becaufe exercised about fpiritual things) of being purft up with pride of any thing in your felves, of being too confident in your felves : be low in your own, and expe& not, nor defire others good thoughts ofyou, humility lies not in humility of opinion,offpeech, garb, or carriage ; but in oppofition to high thoughts ofour own parts, gifts, godlinefs, when we think of theie above their worth : lu 11 remember, Pfal. 25. Prow. 26.19. Ifa. 57. 15. 7012.22.19. as ever you would grow in grace and beconfirmed Chriftians, keep a low efteem ofyour felves, be mean in your own eyes, be content to be mean in others, and hearken not to fecret flatterers that would puff you up . Take heed ofany thing that would puffyou up,St 5. You mutt underftand that you are Difciples in. thrifts fchool, where miniflers are his teachers and .guides : the Ordinances his means for his peoples good, and the Scripture, the Book you mutt learn : therefore keep in this order : keep under thefe guides, com- mit your fouls to thole that are faithful, and fig for fouls to be in- trulted with : and when you have done with humble fubmilliveners to their teaching, keep in this fchool under tho7e officers in their Difcipline, and dwell in the Catholick Church and Communion of Saints, and underftand the dirty of Paftors and People, Heb. 13. 18. 'Mei. 5. 12. Obey them that have the rule over yam. 1 if God had feen the poor Chriftians fuEdent to fupport themielves, he would never have made it the dutie of all,. to be marshalled and rankt in feveral fchools, ranks, orders, and all to walk in this or- der to Heaven. If you withdraw from under Chrifts officers and ordinances, you, are in danger of being fnatcht up as ftrang lers.