Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augua 17. 166.2. -107 think on a life loft in vanity, drencht in worldlinefs, unrecon- ciled to God, or at leaft in utter uncertaintyof his love ? God hath not fore-fhewed what will be a dying mans terror to torment thee, but to get out that terror : that which will be molt terrible at ileath,conquer and deftroy it pretently.They that were ready went in with the Bridegroom,and the door was jhut, (Matti-1.25.1.o.) Oh happy thou, if while the door is open thou be,fourki ready to go in: woe, if when thedoor be (hut, thou haft thy preparation to make, thy grates to leek. Bethink what you will either with or fear when you come to die, and when you will fay, This fhould have been done, &c. let it be now done. zo. Rife 1peedifie after every fall by ;,found repentance, and a freth recourCe to the blood of Chrift, 1Covenant of Grace, and his interceflion. Lie not fecure in any fin into which thou art lapled take heed of delaying and trifling when thy particular repent- ance should be exercifed. renew thy Covenant, and after thy rilingdeal faithfullie with thy felf and God ; favour not thy fin,nor flefh,go to thequick,leave no corruption at the bottom. ifcalled to make reftitution,to fhame to thy feif before men by conteffion, flick not at it : take the plainett courfe,that is, the way of God : And let not any thought of fhame, difhonor,or lots, hinder it ; for the more it colts thee to rife from fin, the likelier 'tis thou art found in thy converfion, and the more comfort wilt thou have ; othetwile the fears and pains of thy difeafe will be upon thee, when the through cure would have prevented it : quarrel not at any mans reproof, though they milcarrie hi it, have mentioned thy faults with paffi- on, 6-c. take that which is good andbe thankful. And after everie fall fit not down in perpetha5l diftrefs,1 but as Chrift takes thehonour of thy cure, take thou the comfort of thy cure when recovered. See thou art truly rifen by repentance, and returned to himwhom thou haft difhonoured---- Thy care mutt be to fee thou be fincere in thy return, and then walk comfortably. See that Satan make not thee walk fo as to rob thee of thy comfort, and God ofhis honour. Thus having given you twentie dire&ions, I shall reduce all to there eighaarticulars. - a. Do not think ftrength of grace will be got with cafe: you mid do that, that in other things is done for the attaining of ftrength, increafe and confirmation : A man cannot attain knowledge in Law, Phifick, or any Art, without ftudying, diligence, unwearied labour and patience through that time that is neceifary to attain it. Set your felves to the reading of the Scripture and other good books; Iliadic good truths : and thinknot to attainmaRerie ina day : P a and