Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

i66 Mr. 17 axter's Sermon, 17. Make it your Rudy and care to do,all the !Ye:Oil you can in the orld; let doing good be the principal part ofyour butinefs, think that the fafell and happieft life in which you can do greatefl good: ihffer not opportunities to flip out of your hands; take them whe e you have them, and leek where you may have them ; took not only where youmay get a good, but where you may have opportunities to do good to others: every Talent mutt be aniwered for your know- ledge, health, Sec. ule it as you will :inlayer for it, and know 'cis oneofthe great&mercies in the world for God, togive you hearts in doing good with that he bath given, Heb. 13. 16. not for ap- plaufe, but be good husbands for G..-)d, and confider which way you may attain your ends bell by what you give or do. Thus be rich in good works. 18. Live ftill as before the living God, approve your hearts to him, as knowing you fraud or fall unto his judgement. AvoidCare- fully all offences unto men ; for the Lords Cake, and their confel- ence fake; take heed of Ccandal, and receive all the good from o- thers you can, but flick not too much on mans approbation : dii regard not fir Cpitionsor reprOofs of godly men, but make not mans praife to be any part of,your reward; it is a (mall thUiglor tne to be judged of men, Be not much troubledat it if you cannot pleafe 'all : the bawlings of the malicious, thould not difturb a foul that is -quietlie honiedwithGod: that foul is not well Itablithed in faith, that can be fo dilturbed and diftempered, by the wrath or wordsof malicious men. Remember, God him fse f pleaCes not all ; the molt of the world are enemies to their Maker upon the account ofhis Ho- lineCs,juhice,&c. and canft thou think to pleafe all? withdraw from the worldand your (elves unto God, or the conColation of his'ap- probation, and for your felicity: this will rave you from hypocrify, & keep you from the temptations a4 vexations ofthe cenlorious world. 19. Be every day as Cerious in your preparation for death and judgement, as thole that are alwayes certain that it will come, and know not the moment when it will come (Mat. 24. 49.) LICe often to think ferioufly before hand what death is : what thoughts, what trials death will put a man upon: what temptations uthally accom- pany our approaching death what you (hall molt need at filch a time as that: what thoughts are likelieft to poffeis you then : what you are likelieft to with for when you Muff needs die, about fpend- ing. your time, expending your eftate, converting with others, &c. - Ask your felves What will I with I had done or been when I come to die ? Think what will be molt dreadfull to a dying man; for thus you have time to efcape his Judgement Will it not be to