Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguil 17. 1662. 113 and favor: I fay, the Father was infinitely well -pleated with Chrift in this undertaking, Ifa. 53. Io. The pleafure of the Lordfhallprofper in his hand; the pleature of the Lord, that is the work of our re- demption ; wherein God the Father took great pleafure or delight; therefore when Chrift was publickly in the eye of the world, toen. ter upoh this great work, the Father fends him ou with this wit- nefS, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleated. He fpeaks not ofhis wel-pleafing only to his perfon, but alto of his wel -plea- fing as unto his understking.. Secondly, As the Mk it fell was pleating unto God, Co Chrifts managingofthiswork, was all along pleating unto his Father, and that cloth appear in this, that Chrift in all things kept to his Fa- thers Commiflion, and to his Fathers command : fay in all things he kept to his Fathers Commiffion; he did nothing here upon earth, but what was within the compars of his Comm iffion ; for faith he in the verfe before the Text, . I do nothing of myfelf, but asmy Father bids me. So alfo he aced in conformity to his Fathers will ; 'that_ was the rule and fquare by which Chrift ordered all his actions; his eye was ftill upon his Fathers will; what ever he willed him todo,t hat he did; whatever he willed him to fuller, that he ruffered; and thus he always did the things that were pleajng to his Father; but I do not intend further upon the words inthis reference; for my defign is to bring down the words unto our felve, to thofe that are the Mem- bers of Chrift ; for there is the fame difpofition of heart in all beli- evers topleafeGod : In. all things to please God ; this was the frame and temper andcarriage of Chrift ; fo it is the frame and temper, of every true believer; and this is a part ofour likenershintoChrift, as youknow there is a bleffedreiemblance& fimilitude, between Chrift and his Members; they have the fame fpirit that Chrift had, only in a different proportion ; for he had it witliout meartire; they have the fame grace as Chrift had for flibitance, though not for degree ; Of his ruiners we all have receivedgrace, anfwerable untograce : As the print in wax, anfwers to the print in the Leal, and as faceanfwers to face, fo grace in believers ainWers unto that grace that was in They are to fbeW forth the virtues ofChrift, I Pet. 2. I I. Now this was the grace, andvirtue, andholinefs ofChritl, that he alwayes did the things that pleafeat his Father. Why, - this is in all believers, only with this difference; it was aatial' performance in the one, it is but ,endeavour in the other ; it was perfe& in the one, it is fincere, but imperfe& in the other. Chrift alwaies did things that pleated God ; a believer endea- vours alwaie.s to do the things that pleale God ; he lothnot alwaies do