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114 Dr. Jacomb's fore-neon Sermon, do lo witnels David in the cafe of his uncleannefs, when he dif- pleafed the Lord, as it is in n The Obiervation I intend to (peak to, flail be this : They that pleafe God, and endeavour alwayes to do the things that pleafe God, filch God will be with ; fuch the Father will not leave alone ; efperially in times offuffering and tremble ; for I will bring it to that cafe. indeed God will not leave filch areany time ; for that promife is exceeding full, Heb. z 3. 5. Iwill never leave thee, nor forfake thee. I do not know any one promile in all the Bible, that is exprdt with filch an Emphafis as that promile is ; Inch a Multiplication of Ne- gatives in the Original. But eipecially God will not leave filch in an afiliaed and fiafering condition. In the profecuting Wthis, I will fpeak to four things. Firft, I will thewyou when a man may be laid to do the things that pleafe God. 2, I will confirm the truth of the Do&rine. 3. will [hew you in what relpeas God will be with them that define to pleafe him, in a thfferin7 condition. 4. I will giveyou the grounds and reafons of it ; and then I than come to an Application. For the firft, We pleafe God in what we do, when we aa, 1. In a Initablenefs- to Gods nature : And 2. In filbjeeCIOn to Gods Law: For pleafingof God, lies in theCe two things. As that pleafes a man which is (hirable to his difpofition, and is correlpondent with his Command : We do the things that pleafe God, when we do that which God loth ; and when we do that which God commands When we hate fin, as God hates fin ; when we are holy, as God is holy. You [hall find it in Col. 1. io. That you may walkwortby of God, unto all well pleafing. Obferve, this walking worthy of God, is walking fuitably, or walking anfwerably to God, Mat. 3.8. Bring .forth fruit worthy of repentance ; or bring forth fruit anfwerable to repentance; fo to walk worthy of God, is towalk fuitable to God, to his Nature : Now then obferve what follows; that you might walk- worthy of God to all wel-pleacings ; then we pleafe God, when we walk fuitably unto God : So alfo when we aet in a bier: fed conformity to God, to his Law ; for nothingcan pleafe the good God,but what is good: Now theLawbeing the meathreand flandard of all goodnefs', nothing can be good, but what bears conformity to this Law, which is the will of God.God is wel-pleafed,when his will is oblerved : As you know, you that are mailers, your fervants pleafe youwhen they do your will. That inference of the Apoille for this is very oppolite, Rein. 8. 8. So then, they that are in the fiefh, cannot Neale God.What is theCameinference grounded upon?becaufe- the carnal mind is enmity againft God ; forciit, is not:if:1*a to the Law-