Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Dr.jacomb's fore-noon Sermon. with them, and that was the Son of God, Dan. 3. 25. Paul when he was brought to his tryal, all men forfook him,but God flood by him, 2 7"irn.4.16.So the Chriftians in all their (harp (iifferiiigs. 2 Cor. 4. 9. they were per fecuted,but not forfaken,perfecuted by men, but not forfaken by God. God hath abundautly made out this,and doth fo hill, that he will never leave thole alone in a time of fuffering, whadefire unfeignedly in all things topleafe God. Now the third thing is to Phew you in what relpeasGod is with filch : why this pretence of God is an aCtive pretence : God is not meerly with his people, but he is with them in an active way : for this is a certain truth, God is working when the Saints are inher- ing; I will open this in feveral particulars : Ora, God iswith Inch in his teaching pretence : Gods correction and Gods infirnEtion, they ufually go together 5' and where there is thechaftenings of Gods hand, there is alio the teachingofGod Spi, rit, Pral, go. 12. Eleffed is the man whom thou chajfena, and whom thou teache,4 Chrift though he were a Son, yet learned obedience by the things that he fuffered: God teacheth his upright ones many leffons in a time of advert tie, which they never learned in a time of profperitie. For we are like idle boys, or bad Scholars, that learn beft when the rod is over us : In a profperous condition God fpeaks to us, and we mind him not, jet% 22+ 21. / fP01{e to thee in thy, profpe- rity, but tbou wouldfi not hear : and this hash been thymanner from thy youth upwards : in profperitie God fpeaks once and twice, as Job (Peaks, but we will not hear ; but in the time of adyerfitie God opens the ears : yudg. 8. i6. As. Gideon taught the mencf Sue- Goth. with thorns and briars : fo cloth God teach his 'people by al- fliaion :'and oh the many bleffed maths that they learn, when they are under the rod, when theywant Ii ei tie ! Oh what a mercy is it to have libertiethen ! when they have not Ordintanees as before, what a mercie is it to have Ordinances' then! Ohwhat an evil thing is it then for them, that they have departed fromGod l God teach- es them thefe things then : fin is never fo bitter, mercie is never fo fweet, as in a timeof fuffering :Oh how vain and empty is the crea- ture then !Oh how fweet is communion with God then I fay inch things as there God teaches then. Secondly, God is with inch in his guiding prefence, Pid. 73. 24. Thouwilt guide me with thy councel, and afterwards, receive me unto, glory. When 'Pie/ was in the wildernefs, then they had the cloud toguide, is a bleffed thirst to live under the condo& anddi- veOcionof thewife God : we never have lo much of thisas inanhour of travel : indeed the people of God never flue fo much. to God for direetion