Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguft 17. 166;2. It 15 Lawof God, neither indeed can ; fo that they that ire hi the fleth, cannorhpleafe God. Why I becaute there is that principle in theme as carries out-a real el-in-ride to the Law and will of God ; it is as if the ApcdIle had faid,they will not be firbjeft to Gods will, not Obe- dient to Gods commands ; there is a principle of enmity in them againft there things,and fo cannot plc./Lie God: God is pleafed when his will is fulfilled, and hiscommands obferved ; topleafe God,is all things fo toaa, that whatever we do, we may exprefs a likelier's to Gods nature,and a bleed firbjeaion to Gods revealed will; and this is the fiat thing. A fecond thing is the proof ofthe doCtrine; they that thus plea f'e God, he will be with them, he will not leave them alone ;eipeeially in an hour of trial : For mybrethren,affue your (elves of this, that which the Father did for Chrift,he will do for all his members ; it iS true, thrifts fiifferings, being greater than ours poftibly can be, and fo his relation to God being higher thanours is;he a Son by eternal generation, we only by Adoption; he had the pretenceof God in a more glorions manner then we can expeftibut yet Mohr fphere ac- cording to the meafure ofour trial, 8c according to our capacity,wt /all as really have the pretence of God with us, as Chrift had with hini; that as we are partakers ofChrifts furlerings,fowe alto (hall be partakers ofChrifts fupport ; He that will be preienc with believers in heaven, as he is with Chrift,he will beprelent with believers here on earth; as he was with thrift in all his farrows and fufferings. Now for the confirming of thiS comfortable truth, I need not fpeak much : Many promifes you have in Scripture for it;andwhat- ever God bath promifed, laG will certainly make good : Turn to that one promire inftead of many, Ifa. 43.2. When that, pafrelt througki the water, Iwill be with thee ; through the rivers, they]hall not overflow thee ; when thou walkeft through the fire, thoujhalt not be burnt,neither (hall theflame kindle upon thee. And you that! find too that the Saints have experienced it in all ages; God bath made it good. - Jacob was a man that net with many (harp tryals; God exercifed himwith many troubles; you fhall find that when he was going to Padan-Aram, and was in a very afflieced condition, Gen 28.15.God comes unto him, andFaith, Behold Iain with thee, Gen. 31. 5. His fp- ther frowned Upon him, but the God of his fathers helped him : jorepb, Gen. z. 29. 20. his Mailer took him, put him into prifon, a place whei e the .Kings prilhners were bound ; he was in the prifon, but the Lord was with .pfepb. The Prophet ereiny was thrown in- to a dungeon, but the Scripture faith, God was with him: The three Childrenwere thrown into the Furnace offireibut therewas a fourh with