Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preacha Auguit 1,7. 1662. nets towards thole who are of the fame naturewith him, yet that ira fiercenels our hearts fhould exceed thole of the molt favage crea- tures. Man comes into the world naked, and altogether unarmed, as i fhe were dehgned for the Pi5ure ofpeace, brit could you look in- the heirts ofmen ; you would find there filch tumults, divifions, filch feeds of enmity againft their fellow-creatures, that Tigres and Lions are calm and peaceable in comiiarifon of them. Now, how is this d&ant from the temper of the God of peace ;'tis Very arange to confider, that when promifes are made to bury all differences, as rubbilh under the foundation, that neverthelels the great work of many perfons fhould be, only to revive thole former animofities to make thole exasperations frefh and keen upon their own fpir its : but is this to imitate the God of Peace ! Thele, to promote divifions and ditturbances amongft us, cloath their enemies with the Livery of {bailie and reproach, that fo they ,may be baited by their fury ; that make it their deign to reprelent that party, which they think is diffonant from them, with the molt odious appearances, (yeti know this is the old. Art) and thole (bowers of calumnies which are in theworld, they tinnily precede the florinof perfecution. The de- vil was firft a Lyar, and then a Murderer ; and thole who are of hisa feed, they follow his Art. In theprimitive times,. all the-Perfecu- tions of the Heathens arole from the reproaches of Chrillians In it is now. It is an eafie thing toWaft the name of thole perfons,who aredefigned for ruin. But ifcontending Parties would confider, (if I may call one Party contending which is only liable to Penalties; and is refolved to bear them patiently) how unlike this is to that God of peace, me-thinks it lhould allay the rancour that is in mens fpirits, and make anattonement between all the differences.that is; amongft them. (z) If only Peace come fromGod, you. may frOm hence take a trial ofthat-place that is within you, (for hitherto I have been only dilcourfing ofcivil peace) whether it be the effe& of , this God of peace. I know nothing more common in the world than PreCumpti- on ; there is a falfe peace, which cloth not arile from the knowledge, of a mans happinefs, but from the ignorance. of his tnifery : Peaces. which is only like a Torch to Thine in the night, or like Players, that, glitter only by Torch-light ; fo is the falfe peace-men cherifh its their bolom, meetly upon this account, becaufe they do not bring, their fouls to the light of the Word, they never had it from this God of peace, becauCe; (a) God never fpeaks peace to a foul, but in the way of holineta! and obedience : And therefore you shall find 'tis the counfel of the