Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

36 Dr. Bates' s Sermon, the Scripture, cquaint thy lelf with God, and beat peace. ?k, Our peace is found in the way of duty ; and there are none who are more bleffed with the peace of confcience, than thole who with the greateit fervour, frequency anddelight, maintain. communion with God in holy duties : For, as friendfhip amongmen is cherifh- ed and preferved by vi fits and.converfationsfo,our peace with. God is preferved by thole vifits we make to heaven in prayer. (2) That peace that comes from God, always miles in us a war with fin ; for God's Covenant with us is Offenfive and Defentive, and therefore it isimpoflible any perfon fhould have true and folid peace, that waking tranquility of foul, which is the reward ofbo- nne's and obedience, that entertains fin ; for every fin thou doff wilfullycommit, 'cis an a&of hoflility againft God, Cis that which makes him thine enemy, andmakes thee an enemy tohim. As Jehu faid, Whatpeace; fo long as the whoredome of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcraftsarefo many ? So what peace can their be, fo long as thou dolt indulge thy felf in fin, and make it thy bufinefs to ,grati- fie thy outward fences, though it be, to the difpleafure of God ? 'Tis the greateft mercy in the world to rob filch perfons of their peace, and to difcover to them their danger ; they are only capable Of true peace, by the knoWledge of that which is falfe. Therefore bring,your felves to this trial, whetheror no cloth that peace which now you pleale your felves in, cattle in you an eternal hatred of fin ? doth it fet you at a diffance from your molt beloved lulls? Then it is that peace that fprings fromGod. The greateft part of the world are in a Date of war with GM, though they do not feel the effe&s of that war. True indeed, God doth not always draw the fword, either of Famine, Peffilence, or War, again a NatiOn and yet they may be ailing in a molt halide way againft God So for a perfon, God may not Waft thy eftat'e, or fend difeafes upon thy per fon, or mile a tumult in thy confcience, and make a confpiracy of thy thoughts and paflions againft thypeace : thou mayeft be quiet With- in, and yet have war with God, becaufe ' as in the world, there may be a Truce, when there is noPeace, the War may Dill continue, though there be a Truce between , two Princes : or rather there is not a Truce between God and the finner, but, as a Town that is befieged for many days, may not feel the battery of their enemie, becaufe he is undermining them to blow them np at once; fo God cloth not many times make his battery againa linners, but he is undermining them, and the fall at the laft will be dreadful, if there be not a compofition. [VP; By way of exhortation ; Let me prefs you all to follow peace;