Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

142 Dr. Bate's afternoon Sermon, 2. In the derivation ofhis Authority; that Authority which is com- municated to him, whereby he is our Shepheard, and that is ori- ginally fromGod himfelf; it is not by any mediate deputation,but from God himielf. He is our Shepheard, and bath a tittle to his Flock, upon a double account : i. They are committed to him as his charge and cultody, Joh. 6. 37, &c. All the Elea of the world were given by God the Father toChrift, not by way of Alienation, but by way ofOpigrzeratiom, as fo many pledges which he was to bring to grace and glory ; and this charge he doth molt fully exe- cute, for there is none miffing of thole committed to him. 2. They are gi yen to him by way of Reward and Recompence, for all his Blood and Sufferings, /fa. 53.1o. The Lord Jetts put filch a value on Souls, that he purchafed an interelt in them by his own blood ; and he thinks himfelfexceedingly recompenced for all his Pains on the Crofs, AgonieS in the Garden, Temptations in the Wilder- nes, &c. if !lipids will fubmit to his care. And here °Verve the courfe of Heaven, God would endear fouls to Chrift upon all rea- Ions, by venue ofhis command, and that charge he gives to them, and by vertue ofhis own purchafe. 3. Ifyou confider the extant of his care and affeecion, for all the Saints of the world, thole who are diiperfed in all places, in all a- ges, they are all his Flock ; and therefore tis the Royalty of his Ad- miniflration, Joh. to. i6. Mere jhall be one Fold, and one Shepheard. As Chrift is the only.catholickKing,fo he is theonly Vniverfal Bilhop; for all other fhepheards, have but particular portions of his Flock committed to their charge ; and they Mould be filch portions as they have regard to, and are under their infpeiion. And at the laft day, all his flieep (hall congregate together, and ftand at his right hand. All the Saints of God that are now fcattered, as fo many Stars in the Firmament, fhall be united into one conflellation, when they (hall appear in glory before him. 4. In relpea ofhis endowments and qualificationss which fit him for the difcharge ofhis Office. And j. Take notice of h's affetaion and love to us, and that is the wonder ofHeaven and Earth, Chrift laid down his life for his !beep, .7ob I. This is ftrange, that Chrift ihould be afreep Jr o the ftaughter, that he might become our Shepheard ; that he fhould be a Sacrifice, before he could take his office upon him : Other Sheep lay down their lives for the Shepheard, but Chrift laid down his life for the Sheep. So great was his love, that it brought him from Heaven, to Peek, and finde, thofe that were loft ; Pie left a Palace, to come to a Wilderneffe a Throne of Hea- ven,