Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

58 Dr.. Watrows forenoon Sermon. but you: as a tender nude cherifheth her child with the breaft, fa Saint Paul gave his people the breft-milk of the Word:in 1 Thef.2.7. this man ofGoddid not only bellow a Sermon upon his people,but was willing to impart his very foul to them if it might lave theirs, Thef. 2. 8. We were willing to have imparted toyou our own fouls, be- caufe yeti aredear unto us : Such was Saint Pauls affettion to his peo.. ple, that without a complement he loved themmore then his life : Phil. 2.17. and ifI be offered upon the facrifice and fervice of yourfaith I rejoyce with you all: that is, as if he had laid, If it be fo that my. blood be poured forth as a facrifice, if my death may be any way ferviceable unto you, if it may help forward the ftrengthning and confirming ofyour faith, I amwilling to die, I rejoyce to it: fo full of aflations was this Apoftle, that he could not choole but love his people; though the more he did love,the lets he should be loved: In 2 Corinth 15. Oh how did Padifweeten all his Sermons with .love 2 Corinth. 12. if he reproved fin, yet hewas angry in love, he dipt the pill in fugal., Gal. 4. 9, io, i I. How turn you again to weak andbeggarlyElements : you obfervedays, andmonths, and years, I am a- fraidofyou,lefl I have bellowed uponyou labour in vain ; Brethren I be- ' Leech you, be as I am. See how Saint Paul chides their fins, and yet at the fame time courts their fouls : no fooner did he lanch the the wound, but prefently he poured in wine and oyl into it : fo did Paullove his people that he would not juffly give any offence to theweakeft believer. i Car. 8. 13. Ifmeat make my brother to of- fendI will never eat fiejh morewhilil the world fiandeth. Paul was like '.forne tender motherwho forbears to eat thole meats that the might for fear of hurting the child that fhe gives fuck to. Thus you fee he was a fpiritual father made up of love : and finely, my brethren, this affeEtion in borne degree is in all the true Minifters of Jefus Chrift, they are full offympathy and bowels unto thole over whom the Holy hath made themOverfeers. I (hall only glance at the Reafon, why it will be thus, and why it lhould be thus, that filch flaming affe&ions there fhould be in all Chrifftvlinifters to there people. It will be thus for there two Reafons briefly. Firft, from that principle within that teacheth Love. Grace cloth not fire the heart with panion, but with companion ; Grace in the heart ofaMinifter files off that ruggednefs that is in this fpirit, making him loving and curteous. Paul once breathed out perfect"- lion : but when Grace came, this bramble was turned into a fpiri- tual Vine, miffing himfetfabout the Coals ofhis people with loving tonbracors. Secondly,