Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augu1117. i 662. 159 Secondly,there will be this ardent love in a Miniftersheart, from that fpiritual relation that is betwixt him and his people: he is fpiritual Father and (hall we think him to be without bowels I COr. 4. 15. Thougbyou have ten thoufand infirutiers, yet have you not many Fathers : for in Chriff Jefus I have begotten you through the Goftel. Some hebegets untoChrift, others he builds up in Chrifl. both not a Father providechearfully for his children, can a father fee bread taken from his child, and not have his heart afreOced with it : is it not a grief to a Parent to fee his child put to a dry nur le. Secondly, There fhould be this ardent love and affeaion in all Gods -Minifters, for this reaion, becaure this is the livelieft way to do moft good : knotty and ftubborn hearts will fooneft be wrought upon with kindnefs. The fire melteth the hardeft metal : the fire of love, with Gods biding, will melt the moft obdurate limier. A Boanergis,a fon of confolatiorvho comes in the fpirit of loVe and meeknefs,is the fitteft to do a piece of Gorpel-chyrurgery to reitore - and put fuch an one in joint again that is overtaken with a fault, Gal. 6. i. rejore fuch a one witb the fkirit of love and meektiers. Thus much in {bort for the doarinal part. Give me leave now to make thine Application. And firft, here are fevera I inferences that may be drawn -froni this : As, Firft, See here the right charaecer of a Gorpel : He is ful of love, lie exhorts, hecomforts, he reproves, and all in love; he is never angry with his people, but becaule they will not be la- ved, how loath is a Miniftgr of Chrift to fee precious fouls like fo manyjewelscaft over board into the dead,fea of hell ; A conlcien-- tious Minifier would count it an unhappy gain to gain the world,. and lore the fouls of his people ; he faith, as the King of Sodom to= Abraharn, Give me theperfons,and take thee .t begoods, Gen. 14. 21. The fecondbranch of information is this, Are true Goipel-Mi- niflers Co full of love, then how fad is it to have (he'll Minifters put. upon a people as have no love to fouls? Thework ofthe liniftry, it is a labour to love : 0 how fad is it to have filch in- the Miniltry, that can neither labour,,lorlove, that are inch as are without bow- . els, that look more at Ty the then at- fouls:- It muff needs/be-fact with a people in any part of the world, to have filch Minifkers fet over them, as either poifons them with error, or do what in- them. lies to damn diem by their wicked example How. can the' Devil reprove fin ? how can the Minifter cry- out in the Pulpit againft druukenners, that will hirrifelf be drunk Rain, 2. 22. Thou that- teachell a manibouldnot doff thou fleall Thou tkat fayeff, a 'man: ought not to commit Adultery,dolf thou comMitAdultery ?`We read, that the finiffe,rs of the Tabernacle. were. to be, rnacle of pure. Gold, Exod,'