Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

162 Mr. Watfon's afternoonSermon , Fourthly,Havea care whom you hear: it is our Saviour Chrifis counfel , Mat. 7. 15. Beware of falfe Prophets, that come toyou ire peeps cloathing, but inwardly are ravening Woliles. Let me tell you, the Devil hath his Minifters as well as Chyifl, Rev. 12. 15. The Serpent calf out of his mouth water as a flood afier the woman : that is, as the Learned expounds ir,Satan by his Minifters, and Emil- Caries calf out the flood ofArriandoEtrine to drow the Church. There are come, whoby the lubtlityoftheir wit have learned the art tomix errour with truth,and to give poyfon in a Golden cup. . Take heed who youhear, and howyou hear, be like thofe Bore- ans that fearched the Scriptures whether the things that they preached were fo or not Atli 17. i i. Your ears mutt not be like fpunges that fuck in puddlewater as well as wine, but your ears mutt be like a fan, that fans out the chaffe , but retains the pure Wheat; you muff be like thole in the Parable, Mattb. 13. 48. that gathered the good fith into veffels,butcart the bad away. The Saints are called Virgins for their wifdom : they will not let every one defile their fouls with errour, they have a judicious car , and a critical palate, that can cliflinguith betwixt truth and error ; and put a difference betwixt meat of Gods fending , and theDevils cooking.' Fifthly, Rudy fincerity,Pfal. 51. 6. Behold , thoudefirefi .truth in the inwardpart, be what you feem tO be : be not like Rowers in a Barge , that look one way, and row another : Do not look heaven-ward by your profeflion , and row hell-ward by yolir converfation ; do not pretend to love God, and yet love fin : Si- mulata fanVitas , duplica iniqUitas : Counterfeit piety is double iniquity. Let your hearts be upright with God : the plainer the Diamond is, the richer it is, and the more plain the heart is, the More loth God value -his jewel; A little softy gold is far bet- ter then a great deal ofbright braffe; a little true Grace, though rutted over with many infirmities, is better then all the glittering thews ofhypocrites; a fincere heart is Gods currant coyn , and he will give it grains allowance. - Sixthly, as you love your fouls, be not ftraners to your selves, be much and often in the work of felf-examination : among all the books that you read , turn over the book of your own heart, look into the book of con Ccience , fee what is written there , Pfal. 77. 6. I commune with mine own heart ,: let up a judgement feat in your own Coutes , examine whether you have grace or not , prove whether you are in the faith: be as much afraid of a painted holineffe as you would be afraid